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About Nature's Gourmet Farm

Nature's Gourmet Farm is located SE of Petal, MS just in the edge of Perry County, in the heart of the Pine Belt. The farm has been owned for two generations by the Simmons' Family. The land was previously owned by the McKenzie Family since the late 1800's. Both my granddaddy & dad farmed part-time. Granddaddy Simmons worked for the MS Central RR and raised Jersey cows that they milked and sold milk and butter from the farm. My dad owned a construction business and in 1969 bought part of this farm where he raised cows and at one time tried row cropping.


Ben and Beth Simmons

This land is where I spent my high school years. After graduating from high school in 1975 I enlisted in the United States Air Force. After completing my enlistment and graduating from USM in 1982, I pursued a fulfilling career in manufacturing where my profession took me from positions across the Southeast U.S.A. including travels to Asia, Europe, and South America. I am a Certified Purchasing Manager.

Through each professional move, I never left the military. I joined the Army National Guard and later transferred to the Air National Guard. After multiple commands, I retired June 2015 with the rank of Colonel.

Life went full circle when daddy left me the farm in 2009. With a commitment to regenerative agriculture, humane animal handling, and environmental stewardship we practice farming with nature thus without using harmful pesticides, chemicals and artificial growth hormones. We treat our livestock with respect and let them live their lives the way God intended. All of our animals are raised on diverse forage pastures, in a low stress, all natural environment where they are free to express their God-given nature.

We have visited many exceptional regenerative direct-market farms to learn best practices to implement on our farm. We are thankful to our new friends who have mentored us. Today, I serve on the Board of The Grassfed Exchange, an organization committed to regenerative producers and sustainable food supporters.

We have a passion for regenerating our soils, growing healthy plants, and raising healthy animals - and a vision to promote the growth of Real Farm Foods in our community of families.

However, nothing is possible without you, the consumer, who has done the research and values the health benefits of our products. Consumers who desire to join the growing community of people who want food that is clean, pure, and safe to eat. Fresh from the farm! The way God intended it to be. You, who shop intentionally for the best food for you and your family. We need you if we are to accomplish our passion and vision for the future.

We are truly blessed to live on the farm. I cannot think of anything I had rather do. 

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Ben & Beth Simmons