"Everyone absolutely LOVES everything!!!
The flavor, texture & tenderness is spot on!
You definitely have a returning customer."

- Joseph, Nature's Gourmet Farm customer

About Our Farm

Hello and welcome to our family farm! Since 2010 our mission is one of stewardship and health. As Holistic Practitioners we focus on soil health and use diverse pasture forages & adaptive grazing to regenerate our ecosystems. We do not use hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or GMO products to raise delicious, healthy, and nutritious Grass Fed to Finish Beef, Pastured Pork, Chicken and Eggs.

We offer convenient & free pickup in key cities to include Madison, Hattiesburg, Gulf Coast, (Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs) and Picayune

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 The Heart Of What We Do...


At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we have a passion for raising & eating delicious, nutrient-dense and healthy pasture raised foods. We have visited industry leaders to learn best-practices first hand because raising food for your family is not just a business to us, but a personal ministry we take very seriously. Additionally, we believe in helping to grow and shape pasture based farming through our Board membership on the Grass Fed Exchange.


We understand that obtaining farm fresh foods is not always convenient. That’s why we offer various package sizes, dates and pickup locations. And, now we have made it easier to order. We are the only farm in MS where you can learn about our farm & products, shop our 50 items, place your order and pay from our website.


Our goal is to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers. By supporting our farm we understand you are making an investment in your families health. Therefore, we strive to honor your commitment by being upfront and transparent about our practices.

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Featured Farm Products

Rib-Eye Steak, Boneless

$14.50/lb (Purchased by the pound, our Rib-Eye Steaks are Exceptional and GMO Free)
Rib-Eye Steak, Boneless

New York Strip Steak

$14.00/lb (Purchased by the pound, our New York Strip Steaks are Exceptional and GMO Free)
New York Strip Steak

Porterhouse Steak

$15.50/lb (Purchased by the pound, our Porterhouse Steaks are Exceptional and GMO Free)
Porterhouse Steak

Customer Reviews

1- “Your T-bone steaks are delicious! We ate our first pack yesterday.  I would die an unhappy woman if I was a vegetarian. Nothing against those that do, but  there is nothing like a good grass fed steak! Delicious!  Thanks for all your hard work.” Dr. Rebecca Boyd, Founder and Owner: Forward Health Solutions, PLLC

2- “Ben, I’m sure feedback on your product is welcome, especially when it’s positive… The flavor and texture are great! Keep up the good work.” - Stephen B.

3- “Ben, I have tried other local beef and your beef has the best flavor and tenderness!” S. Rayburn

“Hey Ben! I picked up the ground beef on Thursday with no problems. Thanks for making this so easy! Have a good weekend! Rob”

4- Hi Ben, Fried up a package of bacon the other morning and it was phenomenal, melted in your mouth, best I've ever had! Made these brown sugar and spice roasted pork chops for dinner tonight (the carrots and kale are also local :) I expected a difference, but this has far exceeded my expectations! The chops were also phenomenal, my compliments to the farmer!!! Ingrid

5- Hey Ben! The pork is delicious! I got my ham and bacon fresh which is fantastic! I recently made a brine to soak my ham in and it turned out amazing. Super excited! I also give a neighbor some port chops to try and they loved them.

Thank you soooo much! Really happy with the great quality meat you provide my family and me. Sincerely, Faith

6- Hey Ben, For Father's Day I grilled some of our fresh t-bones we picked up this week for our family and my in-laws per the recommendations in the article you posted this past week. I served them and my boys said "Mama, that's a good cow"! They all agreed I should email you and let you know. We've passed your name on to a lot of friends and I hope they will order from you in the future. Thanks for a great product. And thanks for sharing tips for cooking the product you sell. We value your service and wanted to let you know! Janet

7- Ben,  I am very surprised to hear you haven't sold out on your beef!! We have sampled it along side of other grass fed beef that was more than double your price. I do not think your patrons know what high quality grass fed beef costs in the real world. We would definitely consider purchasing a whole cow. Please reply with approximate weight and total from us so we can discuss further. And you can tell your patrons I said, "you can't put a price on health, but if you could, Ben's is actually much lower than any local or online source!!!" Lisa Parker

8- Good Morning Ben, Everyone absolutely LOVES everything we have prepared!!! The flavor, texture & tenderness is spot on! You definitely have a returning customer......& hopefully more; I have spoke with numerous individuals & families about your business. Joseph

9- Dear Ben, I wanted to let you know that we are well pleased with the grass-fed beef we purchased. The ribeye steak was the best we've ever had! We don't think we can ever get a steak again from a grocery store. Mike and I both said "this must be how beef tasted long ago when Cowboys ate it when they were managing their herds! Lol. We can't wait to try the chicken. Haven't cooked it yet.  Thank-you for growing such good forage for the cattle and other animals. We thank the Lord Jesus for blessing you. Sincerely, Rhetta

10- We were just wondering when you were going to have more whole pork orders for deposit. You're beef and pork are the best we've ever encountered and we don't want to miss out! Sean and Emilie

11- 8/5/2016 This is the first time we have eaten beef or chicken not from a grocery and it was awesome. Every piece of meat was delicious with more flavor. We are excited to check out your pork! You have made it easy to purchase with the variety packs and bonus....you deliver! Thank you! Michelle

12- 9/21/2016 Ok. I'm with Beth. We had a sirloin last night and it was AWESOME!! Next to my grandmother 's homemade ice cream the best thing I've eaten!! Definitely a good move to go with this processor! Barbara

13- 9/24/2016 The ground beef was great and we put a new york strip on the grill last night. It was delicious! Very tender and great taste. Very pleased!!  Thanks so much, Angela 

14- 9/26/2016 Our pig we bought has been the most fun cooking and eating. We fry the chops in olive oil in a covered iron skillet and they are so tender and moist. We cook the bacon in the oven and it is tender. The ham steaks we cook in an iron skillet and reuse the fat for flavor for out peas As soon as I make some room in my 2 large freezes I'm going to get a side of beef Thanks for furnishing real food Stephen & Vicki from Natchez

15- For additional reviews Google "Nature's Gourmet Farm" or visit our Facebook page to see what customers have written