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About Our Farm

Hello and welcome to our family farm! Since 2010 our mission is one of stewardship and health. As Holistic Practitioners, we focus on soil health and use diverse pasture forages & adaptive grazing to regenerate our ecosystems. We do not use hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or GMO products to raise delicious, healthy, and nutritious Grass Fed to Finish Beef, Pastured Pork, Chicken and Eggs.

We offer convenient & free pickup in key cities to include Madison, Hattiesburg, Gulf Coast, (Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs) and Picayune

 The Heart Of What We Do...


At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we have a passion for raising & eating delicious, nutrient-dense and healthy pasture raised foods. We have visited industry leaders to learn best-practices first hand because raising food for your family is not just a business to us, but a personal ministry we take very seriously. Additionally, we believe in helping to grow and shape pasture based farming through our Board membership on the Grass Fed Exchange.


We understand that obtaining farm fresh foods is not always convenient. That’s why we offer various package sizes, dates and pickup locations. And, now we have made it easier to order. We are the only farm in MS where you can learn about our farm & products, shop our 50 items, place your order and pay from our website.


Our goal is to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers. By supporting our farm we understand you are making an investment in your families health. Therefore, we strive to honor your commitment by being upfront and transparent about our practices.

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“I picked up the ground beef on Thursday with no problems. Thanks for making this so easy!" - Rob

Featured Farm Products

New York Strip Steak

$14.00/lb (Purchased by the pound, our New York Strip Steaks are Exceptional and GMO Free)
New York Strip Steak

Porterhouse Steak

$15.50/lb (Purchased by the pound, our Porterhouse Steaks are Exceptional and GMO Free)
Porterhouse Steak

Loin Tip Roast

$6.75/lb (Purchased by the pound, our Loin Roast are Family Favorites and GMO Free)
Loin Tip Roast

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December 8, 2018
You Should Not Have to Wonder if Your Food is Safe! - Weekly I receive notices of product recalls from the USDA. Here is the latest report I received December 5th - JBS Tolleson, Inc., a Tolleson, Ariz. establishment, is recalling approximately 12,093,271 pounds of non-intact raw beef products that may be contaminated with Salmonella Newport. Dr. Mercola explains Why Contamination Affects Such Large Amounts of Meat - "The answer is quite simple. While many think of a pack of ground beef as
December 1, 2018
Poultry Update - The meeting did happen this week! Not much to report other than we have progress but, there is work yet to be done! Mark Leggett (pictured above) is obviously a greedy man! He is the president of the MS Poultry Assn. and the lead opponent against changing the poultry regulations in MS to equal the Federal Exemption of 20,000 per year. He mostly represents poultry processors