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>No mRNA Vaccines Ever!
> Regenerative Soil Practices
> Connection with a real farm and farmer
> Always Humanely, Pasture-Raised
> No Hormones, Antibiotics or GMOs
> Grassfed & Finished means NO Grain...Ever!

Eat With Confidence Like These Nature's Gourmet Farm Families

I am glad I chose Ben and Nature's Gourmet Farm, and can NEVER go back to buying typical grocery store meats. I am also happy that Nature's Gourmet Farm is passionate about their work and believe in being a restorative farm. I am all for humanely raised animals and soils the way they are suppose to be!
Phi Nguyen Phi Nguyen
Amazing local farm - the order and pick up process was very simple. Great communication from the farm to confirm my order and pick up time. And, of course, the meat was delicious. I will be a regular customer.
Bianca Wooden
Natures gourmet eggs and ground beef are so delicious! Ben was very friendly and helpful when I met him for the first time at pickup location. I love the convenience of ordering online, and the price for Grassfed local beef and pasture raised eggs can’t be beat!!!
Emily Jackson Emily Jackson
nature gourmet farm review
172+ 5-Star Reviews

Nature's Gourmet Farm Customers Can Put A Face To The Folks Who Raise Their Food AND Trust Our Products To Be:

> Grass Finished With NO Grain

> Free of mRNA, GMO's, Antibiotics, and Hormones

> Ethically Raised On Diverse Forage Pastures

> Regenerating Our Soils While Protecting The Ecosystem

Our Farm's mission is to steward regenerative soil practices that restores the health and vitality of the land that provides nutrient dense food for our family and yours. We invite you to be part of healing your family and the soil - one bite at a time. Ben, Beth, and family