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Featured Products

Beef Half - Custom Processed $5.25 Lb

DEPOSIT - Customer determines processing and pays processor


Pork Half - Custom Processed $4.50 Lb

DEPOSIT - Customer determines processing and pays processing fee


Custom Processing Ordering Tips

For Half or Whole Share custom order of Beef or Pork:  (NOTE:  The buyer is responsible for processing fees and cutting instructions)

Here are the steps that will help clarify your buying experience-

Our website is used to receive your order and collect the deposit ONLY. The website is not built to handle the follow up details.

Currently we slaughter BEEF the 1st Wednesday of each month in our on-farm USDA plant. We would need to receive your order and cutting instructions about 4 days prior to effectively plan. Pork slaughter - please call or email for dates.

Cut Sheets for beef & pork can be found below. Please complete and email to

Wednesday after beef slaughter we add the half beef inventory to our website for the next months slaughter. 

 Your beef is aged for 14 days in our cooler at a temperature of 35 degrees. Your order will then be cut & packed Tues/Wed. and ground beef processed on Thursday. Your order will then be frozen and ready for pickup on Saturday. Total time from slaughter to pickup is 3-weeks.

You will receive an email within a day of slaughter with your order details to include hanging weight, confirmation dates, and balance due for meat plus processing fee.

Here is a cost example based on Half Beef:  325 pounds at $5.25 = $1,706.25 - $500 deposit = $962.50 meat cost.  Processing cost would be 325 * $0.85 = $276.25. Total balance due would be $1,482.50.

We have added payment by ZELLE for your convenience or you can enter a comment with your order that you prefer to mail a check or pay cash.  Note that we do charge back any credit card fees.

Click here to download our beef cutting instructions form 

Click here to download our pork cutting instructions form 

Click here to download the Iowa Whole Animal Buying Guide for beef & pork