Our Principles

Harmony with Nature

• All Nature’s Gourmet beef animals are raised in a low-stress, natural environment; animals are treated humanely from birth to harvest

• Fencing and holding areas are designed for low-stress animal movement

• We do not use cattle prods, 4-wheelers, or dogs to handle cattle


100% Forage- Based

• Our cattle feed on high-quality pasture, stored forage, and all-natural mineral supplements

• Nature’s Gourmet does not utilize grain, silage, chicken litter, or animal by-products in our operations


Rotational Grazing and Soil Stewardship

• We exercise holistic practices in the management of our soil, applying techniques that optimally enhance soil biota; healthy soil is the foundation to nutrient dense forage & animals

• We manage a variety of diverse forage species and rotate our herds using techniques to achieve the highest nutritional value and maintain maximum pasture health


Transparency and Relationship Marketing

• We welcome tours and visits, but we do suggest an appointment

• Long-term relationships demand trust; we build this trust with a commitment to providing healthy, lean, flavorful, and safe food at an affordable price