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Beef ORGAN Burger

Beef ORGAN Burger

1.0 - 1.2 lb | pkg
$10.65 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

We take 80% or our premium ground beef and combine with 15% Beef Liver and 5% Beef Heart from beef raised right here on our South Mississippi Regenerative Farm. 

Does your family need the nutritional benefits offered by eating beef liver & heart? But, have trouble getting them to eat beef organ meat?

Then our new Beef ORGAN Burger is a must-add to your shopping list. It's about as delicious as it can get, thanks to our commitment to sustainable and ethical cattle raising. Unlike factory farms, our family-owned ranch lets cows roam free on open pastures. They feed on natural grass every day and never consume grain, antibiotics, or any other substances that aren't part of their natural diet. Thanks to this approach, their meat is like none other. We process it right here on our farm to preserve its goodness and process your order fast.

Families love our premium ground beef for its versatility. Feel free to press it into hamburger patties or chop it up for Taco Tuesday. It's also perfect for homemade lasagna, spicy chili, or meatloaf. You'll appreciate that it doesn't contain filler or additives. Unlike the typical 80-20 ratios at grocery stores, all of our ground beef has a 90% lean 10% fat. This ratio means that you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of ground beef with even more protein.

Start making healthy meals for the whole family by ordering today. We'll get your ground beef ready for pickup at our farm or one of our locations in Mississippi and Alabama.