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Beef Roast Brisket

Beef Roast Brisket

2.25 - 3.0 lb. | pkg
$9.25 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Meat-lovers everywhere appreciate a good brisket roast. This cut comes from the area between the forelegs and shoulders of a cow. Ideally, these muscles are very active and result in intense flavor. They also develop even marbling to add additional flavor and tenderness.

If you're looking for the best brisket roast around, look no further than Nature's Gourmet Farm. Our cattle roam on open pastures so that they get adequate exercise to strengthen the muscles that give brisket roast its flavor. A natural diet of grass also enhances this meaty flavor. Best of all, because we never use steroids or antibiotics, you can rest knowing that our brisket roast is as wholesome as it gets.

Once you get your hands on a delicious brisket roast, you can start cooking to your heart's desire. Many customers enjoy grilling this cut to get a signature charred flavor. You also can use the oven or break out your smoker. The possibilities are endless. Serve with classic sides such as baked or mashed potatoes, baked beans, or steamed carrots.

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