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Chicken Breast - 2 per pack

Chicken Breast - 2 per pack

2 lbs. | pkg
$11.25 /lb.
Avg. 2 lb.

Chicken breast is one of the most popular cuts of the bird, and Nature's Gourmet Farm's chicken breasts are no exception. Our breasts are sold two per pack and can be pan-fried, stuffed with incredible flavors, and either baked, roasted, or barbecued to perfection. However you decide to cook them, you'll notice the freshness and natural ingredients right away.

All of our chickens are raised and processed on the farm, enjoying an active life being raised outdoors and free to roam, forage, jump, and peck. All chickens have a healthy diet consisting of fresh green pastures, insects, small animals, and grain, they are also exposed to sunshine. This mobile lifestyle combined with a full, fresh diet ensures you can enjoy nutritional, healthier, and an overall tastier chicken dish.

What's more, our chicken breast cuts are full of protein, have better fat quality, and have higher levels of collagen. These elements add great nutritional value to your diet, with high levels of collagen protein proven to even improve athletic performance, build, maintain and repair tissue, alongside reducing joint pain.

Enjoying one of our chicken breast cuts will not only get your taste buds tingling but will also add extra health benefits to your daily diet and routine. Place an order for pickup from Nature's Gourmet Farm today!