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Chicken Leg Quarter Bundle Save 10% on 15lb or more

Chicken Leg Quarter Bundle Save 10% on 15lb or more

1.75 lbs. | pkg

Save 10% on 15lb or more

Save $0.90 /lb.
$5.85 /lb.
$6.75 /lb.
Avg. 15 lb.

Here at Nature's Gourmet Farm, our bone-in chicken legs consist of both the thigh and drumstick. Not only is this juicy dark meat the biggest bang for your buck, but it is also extremely tasty and almost impossible to overcook. With chicken legs being the most used and active part of the bird's body, it means the meat is much firmer, with it requiring a little extra cooking time in comparison to our breasts.

Our leg quarter cuts of chicken have a nice amount of protein to ensure a healthy, sustained diet. All the better reason to enjoy these intensely flavorful and often underappreciated cuts of chicken.

Our Nature's Gourmet Farm leg quarter cuts are great for smoky BBQ dishes, or simply enjoying fresh from the oven. Enjoy natural meat that makes for delicious dinners when your place an order today!