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Eggs, 2.5 Dozen FLAT Grade A Medium Pasture-Raised GMO Free

Eggs, 2.5 Dozen FLAT Grade A Medium Pasture-Raised GMO Free

2.5 Dozen Eggs

Looking for the most delicious tasting eggs possible? At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we raise our hens free-rage. Free from feeding drugs, antibiotics, or GMO grains, our hens are extremely happy and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

This 2 1/2 dozen bundle is a great value to stock up on eggs for baking, everyday breakfasts, casseroles and more.

What's more, our hens enjoy fresh pesticide-free pastures all year round, and are free to jump, forage, peck, and run whenever they please. Our happy hens also benefit from a healthy, balanced diet, filled with greens, insects, small animals, and other beneficial nutrients, all of which increase the quality of the eggs they produce.

Here at Nature Gourmet Farm, we believe that every hen deserves the right to be free and live an active lifestyle, and it definitely shows in our produce. Birds that live their lives on better pastures produce better eggs, especially compared to confined and caged hens. Your entire family will notice the difference between our eggs and the average carton you get at the supermarket.

So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in our high-quality eggs, all of which are high in vitamin D3 and vitamin E. Whether you opt for a hearty scrambled egg breakfast or a tasty omelet dinner, our eggs will provide you with incredible flavors as well as being high in nutrients.