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Lard - Regular

Lard - Regular

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Cooking with fresh lard is the fastest way to elevate your meals. It is a great way for your family to get healthy fats that promote heart health. However, not just any lard will do. You need fresh, natural products that taste out of this world.

Nature's Gourmet Farm's lard stands out for its unique flavor. The smell and texture are distinct from what you could get from your closest market. It's GMO-free and contains no steroids or antibiotics. Your entire family will love tasting the difference — you'll even notice the freshness right when you open the jar.

Nature's Gourmet Farm's lard is rendered from our Heritage Tamworth Pigs. These pigs are known for their incredible taste, which is why we only source these pigs specifically for our products. We raise and process our pigs on-site, so you can get the most ethically sourced and best-tasting ingredients near you.

We can't wait for you to find out how much better your meals taste when you use our fresh lard sourced from pasture-raised pigs. Purchase by the pint and enjoy it for many meals to come. Pick up your very own Nature's Gourmet Farm's lard when you place an order today.