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Beef Roast Loin Tip

Beef Roast Loin Tip

2.5 - 3 lb | pkg
$9.25 /lb.
Avg. 2.75 lb.

Overwhelmed parents, working couples, and other busy people love our loin tip roast. Because the cut is boneless, it's super easy to prepare, cook, and enjoy. Our customers also like that it's the perfect size for a weeknight meal — you won't have to worry about having tons leftover.

Wondering what the best way to cook our loin tip roast is? We recommend not going past medium-rare to medium so that you can bask in all of its tender glory. Carve the cut into thin slices, and take things to the next level by pairing it with roasted green beans or a cheesy casserole. Trust us when we say that everyone will beg you to add this meal to the weekly rotation.

And you'll have no trouble complying when you realize that our loin tip roast comes from pasture-raised cows. We also do all the processing right here on our family-owned farm.

See the Nature's Gourmet Farm difference by placing your order today! We have pickup locations throughout Central and Southern Mississippi and even the Gulf Coast region.