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Pork Chop - BONELESS

Pork Chop - BONELESS

12 oz. | pkg
$9.80 /lb.
Avg. 12.8 oz.

Not all meat is made alike. It takes a well-raised pig fed with the right food to create irresistible pork. That's what you have to look forward to from our Nature's Gourmet Farm pork chops.

This is a favorite among our loyal fans, and there are no questions why! This superb cut of meat from our pasture-raised pigs will have you reaching for seconds every time.

Our pork can be used in any recipe, and you will notice the difference from your average supermarket chops. That's because our pigs are free to roam and feed themselves from the pasture, and enjoy supplement non-GMO feed at their liking.

GMO-free meat means you are eating responsibly. Feed our chops to your kids with none of the concerns of harmful preservatives or unnatural practices.

Our regenerative farming practices aren't just great for the land. You notice the incredible taste on your plate. Our pork chops don't need any fancy sauces or rubs — you'll taste the excellence of our meat in every bite.

Place your order and schedule your pick-up at any of our locations in Hattiesburg, Picayune, Gulf Coast, Jackson, Mississippi, or around Mobile, Alabama, and enjoy these delicious pork chops at your next meal. Hurry to try these pork chops since they are always flying off the shelves!

"Made these brown sugar and spice roasted pork chops for dinner tonight. I expected a difference, but this has far exceeded my expectations! The chops were phenomenal, my compliments to the farmer!!!" - Ingrid