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Pork Fresh Ground

Pork Fresh Ground

1 lb. | pkg
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

You may purchase our ground pork to complete a recipe you've had your eye on for a while. But once you've cooked with Nature's Gourmet Farm ground pork, you'll look for more ways to use this delicious cut. You may end up ordering it every month!

Nature's Gourmet Farm ground pork comes from our pasture-raised pigs. We don't force-feed antibiotics and grains to our animals. Instead, our pigs roam freely on our regenerative farm, free to root around for the tasty treats that nature provides. Our pigs are raised and live as they are meant to be!

When you bring home Nature's Gourmet Farm products, you are supporting well-treated animals and a local and Veteran-led business. But you will also taste the difference that you get from pasture-raised pigs.

Our ground pork is GMO-free and finely minced for a tender and mouthwatering taste. One of our best-selling pork products, people come back again and again for our natural and delicious ground pork — it's of a quality you won't easily find elsewhere.

You can purchase Nature's Gourmet Farm ground park at our farm or our monthly pickup locations. Get this cut by the pound and bring home this fan-favorite to your family today!