*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef Nov 23rd. Pork- Nov 16th. Chicken Nov 24th.

Pork Half - Custom Processed $3.75 Lb

Pork Half - Custom Processed $3.75 Lb

DEPOSIT - Customer determines processing and pays processor
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"Our pig we bought has been the most fun cooking and eating. We fry the chops in olive oil in a covered iron skillet and they are so tender and moist. We cook the bacon in the oven and it is tender. The ham steaks we cook in an iron skillet and reuse the fat for flavor for our peas. As soon as I make some room in my 2 large freezers I'm going to get a side of beef. Thanks for furnishing real food Stephen & Vicki" - Natchez

From summer grilling season to holiday dinner parties, you will experience the practical convenience of having a broad selection of cuts in your freezer whenever needed. The time saving conveniences along with the economical savings make our bundles a great choice for families who are serious about eating healthy every day!

What You Get: (varies based on customer preferences)

Ham, (Roast, Shank, Steaks)  30-35 pounds per bundle

Bacon 1# packs total 13-14 packs (13#)

Sausage 1-1.5# packs total 15 packs (20#)

Pork Chops 2# packs total 12 packs (24#)

Shoulder Roast and or Boston Butt 13-15 pounds per bundle

Spare Ribs 3 pounds per bundle

Also includes: liver, neck bones, pig feet, tail, and lard at customers request.

Cost Estimate: We require a deposit to confirm your order that equals about 50% of the "expected" total cost. We also encourage you to pay additional deposits each month towards your balance

Example (based on Half Pork): 150# * $3.75 = $562.50 - $250 deposit = $312.50 expected final cost.

Once the animal is delivered and we have the Hanging Weight, you will receive an email with the total weight, total cost, amount paid, balance due, and unique tag number for your order as well as the pickup instructions. NOTE: you will be responsible for paying the processing fee to the Processor (fees located on the cut sheet instructions). 

Once your order is placed, please download, complete and email your Cut Sheet instructions to us.