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Pork Sausage Pattie

Pork Sausage Pattie

1 lb. | pkg
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

You can purchase Nature's Gourmet Farm pork pattie sausage by the pound, and due to its flavorful taste, we're guessing you'll purchase a lot. If you don't the first time, you'll definitely be back for more. This pork pattie sausage is unlike many other sausages you may find on the market. Without fillers or unnatural preservatives, this is as natural a pork sausage as it gets.

The ingredients for our pork pattie sausage are simple: Nature's Gourmet Farm GMO-free pork, blend of salt, spices, and sugar. That's it! With a generous amount of seasoning and spices of sage, red pepper, and black pepper, this sausage is easy to love.

This southern-style pork sausage is also prepped with excellent seasoning, so it's ready to cook. Whether you add it your biscuits and gravy or enjoy it alone, it's ready to be enjoyed with minimal effort required.

However, people don't just love this product because of its natural ingredients, spices, and seasoning. It's also made exclusively with our pasture-raised pigs. Savor every bite of this incredible pork as it mingles with each spice.

With how delectable this pork pattie sausage is, the only question will be if you only have it for breakfast, or if it will be making an appearance at dinner as well? Find out for yourself when you place an order today!