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Pork Roast Shoulder (Boston Butt)

Pork Roast Shoulder (Boston Butt)

3 lbs. | pkg
$7.50 /lb.
Avg. 3 lb.

Our pork shoulder roasts (or Boston butts) are a great option for anyone who wants a tender piece of meat for their smoker or oven!

These are cut from the shoulders of our pasture grazing pigs. Customers always come back for more because they're an easy way to elevate any meal. You don't have to worry about cooking these cuts exactly right as they will become more tender as they cook. For those who want meat that cuts like butter, you'll want to try these pork shoulder roasts.

A thick and juicy cut of pork shoulder roasts isn't just delicious, it's an ethical choice. Pork butts you buy from the supermarket may come from pigs on concrete floor fed grains, our pigs roam the pastures. On Nature's Gourmet Farm, pigs are raised they were meant to be raised. That means their nutritious diet makes your shoulder roast a more natural and mouthwatering choice.

Ask any of our previous customers and they'll rave about our pork shoulder roast cuts. So, if you place your order to meet us at one of our monthly pickups plan on giving this shoulder roast give it a try!

Get your very own pork shoulder roasts (Boston butts) today if you want an exciting dinner for your family!