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.75 10 1.0 lbs. | pkg
$19.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

You know that Nature's Gourmet Farm is going to give you the most flavorful cuts of meat because of our pasture-raised, well-treated pigs. But we don't stop there.

We're ready to give you the best Pork Tenderloin you can get your hands on. These are just about the meatiest cuts of pork for the hog that you can get anywhere. Whether you're having a family cook-out or throwing these in the oven or smoker, this is a delectable addition to your plate.

It's hard to go wrong with cooking these. You may just use your favorite barbeque sauce or homemade sauces with extra love and care. No matter what, these juicy, tender TENDERLOIN will be the biggest hit!

TENDERLOIN is the Filet Mignon of the pig. And that's what you want to do with such a high quality of meat. You won't need extra sauce when the ribs themselves are melting in your mouth.

An easy way to add even more flavor to your cookout, schedule your pick up for Nature's Gourmet Farm's pork TENDERLOIN for your next family meal!