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Beef Steak Rib-Eye Boneless Hand Cut 1.25" Thick

Beef Steak Rib-Eye Boneless Hand Cut 1.25" Thick

8-11 oz. | pkg
$18.80 /lb.
Avg. 12 oz.

Want to impress your guests and family with the best family dinner of the week? Our boneless ribeye is for you. Its even marbling and fatty cap make it one of the most tender cuts we have. Whether you decide to grill, broil, or skillet-cook, every bite will be just as juicy as the next. You'll also be glad to hear that it comes bone-free — all you have to do is season to your heart's desire and start cooking.

Our customers love serving individual boneless ribeye steaks, but feel free to get more creative. Slice up your cuts to make delicious wraps and sandwiches, or toss them into a salad to add some hearty protein.

Best of all, you can feel good about serving our boneless ribeye steaks. Like all of our cuts, they come from beef that we raise and process right here on our harm. We never use antibiotics and provide our cows with the natural resources they need to thrive. They have a free range of our farm and eat non-GMO, balanced diets that contribute to the quality of the meat they provide.

See for yourself by ordering today! You can pick up your order on our farm or at one of our several pickup locations.

"I wanted to let you know that we are well pleased with the grass-fed beef we purchased. The ribeye steak was the best we've ever had! We don't think we can ever get a steak again from a grocery store. Mike and I both said "this must be how beef tasted long ago when Cowboys ate it when they were managing their herds! Lol. Thank-you for growing such good forage for the cattle and other animals. We thank the Lord Jesus for blessing you." - Rhetta