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Beef Roast Rump

Beef Roast Rump

2.5 - 3.25 lb. | pkg
$9.25 /lb.
Avg. 2.75 lb.

If you're in charge of Sunday brunch, never fear. Our rump roast is here to the rescue! This loaf-shaped cut couldn't be easier to prepare as it comes boneless and ready to cook. All you have to do is use a moist-heat method (such as braising) to ensure it reaches its full potential. The result will be a roast that is juicy, tender, and full of flavor.

Serving is just as easy as cooking this cut, and when it's so tender, the carving is a breeze. And, because our rump roast produces a high yield with little waste, you'll be getting the most bang for your buck. Order as much as you need to feed your hungry party!

The best part is that you can be proud of what you're serving. Like all of our beef products, our rump roast comes from pasture-raised cattle. They live healthy lifestyles by roaming expansive fields and enjoying natural grass. We obtain the cut from their heavily- exercised hindquarters and dry-age it on our farm. The only time it leaves our premises is when it goes to our pickup locations and your home.

Order today for a delicious, wholesome rump roast your family will love!