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Beef Steak T-Bone Cut 1.25" Thick

Beef Steak T-Bone Cut 1.25" Thick

14-18 oz. | pkg
$15.90 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

This exceptional steak is lean, tender, and full-flavored. Quick to cook and ideal for grilling, broiling, and skillet cooking. Fine-grained but with a sturdy texture, T-bone steaks include the NY Strip and Filet. It’s easy to cut in half to serve two or carve into slices. Thinly sliced steaks make excellent salad toppers and sandwich fillers.

Try this steakhouse classic in the comfort of your own home. Like all of our beef, our T-Bones are dry-aged for at least 14 days, creating an incredibly flavorful piece of meat.

You can rest easy knowing that all our animals have access to open fields and non-GMO diets and diverse grasses. Through our natural raising techniques and on-farm processing, you get the best grassfed steak available.

Your T-bone steaks are delicious! We ate our first pack yesterday.  I would die an unhappy woman if I was a vegetarian. Nothing against those that do, but there is nothing like a good grass-fed steak! Delicious!  Thanks for all your hard work.” Dr. Rebecca Boyd, Founder and Owner: Forward Health Solutions, PLLC