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Turkey Breast, Whole

Turkey Breast, Whole

New Item

$10.50 /lb.
Avg. 9 lb.

Our Whole Turkey Breast are being offered as a Test to gather customer feedback. We only packaged 4 whole breast that average 9lbs each.

Why Choose a Pasture Raised Turkey vs. Conventional Turkey - it's all about your decision which production model you choose to support and your families health.

Our Pastured turkeys eat a diverse diet of forage, bugs, mice (if they dare to enter) and are supplemented with non-GMO feed and grit. Conventional turkey farms only feed a diet of processed feed with no vegetation or bugs.

Our Pastured turkeys roam pastures unconfined where they thrive in sunshine & fresh air foraging and expressing their natural instincts. Conventional turkey farms are packed into tight confinement houses with little room for movement, no fresh air or sunshine, and only feed a GMO diet.

Our Pastured turkeys are not treated with mRNA vaccines, antibiotics, or steroids. Their natural lifestyle promotes a strong immune system that translates to those who enjoy their meat. Conventional turkeys have limited access for exercise and often receive antibiotics.

Our Pastured turkeys are slaughtered and processed by hand in a small farm USDA inspected facility. This means they do not travel long distances. Turkeys move through the plant at a humane slaughter rate that respects both the turkey and employees. Conventional turkeys are packed into large trucks where they are transported to centralized plants and processed mechanically using methods that often create a traumatic end of life for them.

Our Pastured Turkeys are a key part of our Regenerative Farm as they help restore soil biology through their natural behavior of foraging, scratching, and manure distribution. Conventional farm turkeys are grown as efficient as possible to make the highest profit return in what Will Harris calls a linear system. This is the opposite of a Regenerative, holistic system.

At Nature's Gourmet Farm we are pleased to offer our discerning customers a great tasting Pasture Raised Turkey for their families Thanksgiving meal.