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Turkey Thighs

2 thighs | pkg
$6.50/lb. Avg. 2.5 lb.
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Have you tried our delicious thighs here at Nature's Gourmet Farm? Not only are thighs one of the most economical parts of the turkey, but they are also extremely tasty, and versatile, too. Whether you choose a sticky BBQ flavor, a sweet chili seasoning, or a hot buffalo marinade, our delicious turkey thighs will be sure to go down a treat with the whole family. Sold on the bone, whether they are grilled, roasted, or barbecued, they provide that signature crispy texture fused with appetizing flavors. Our thighs come in 2 per pack and usually weigh around 2.5 lbs. What's more, because our turkeys are raised in green pastures, and are free to roam, they use their legs a lot more than confined poultry. This active lifestyle leads to meats with much higher nutrition levels and ensures a high-quality bird full of beneficial minerals and nutrients. Our turkeys are also nurtured extremely well and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh greenery, insects, and small animals. Not only does this diet make for a healthier turkey, but it also ensures a much better taste. What are you waiting for? Our delicious thighs make for a perfect BBQ favorite and are ready to be seasoned and enjoyed exactly how you like them.