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Beef Variety Share 10#

Beef Variety Share 10#

40 | 4 oz. portions
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If you want to sample a variety of our products at a nice value, we recommend you choose to buy a 10# share of grassfed beef from our farm.

Each item comes individually wrapped and easy to add to your freezer for your next delicious meal.

Here's what you can expect with your 10 pounds grassfed beef share:

2-3 lbs of Steaks - Steaks can include a selection of T-bone, Ribeye, and/or Sirloin

2-3 lbs of Roast - Roast can include Rump, Shoulder, and/or Tip

5 lbs. of versatile and tasty Ground Beef which is 90/10 Lean.

As you've come to expect, Nature's Gourmet Farm cattle are all grass-fed and grass-finished. They graze on rolling Mississippi fields, where they are free to roam and eat natural grass. To further ensure our cattle produces the highest quality meat possible, we never use GMO feeds or antibiotics. This all-natural process means you don't have to worry about serving anything less than the best.