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Pastured Eggs

Raised on open pasture with access to shelter. Our Happy Hens forage a diverse diet of grasses, insects, and are supplemented with non-GMO grain. Fresh air & sunshine means our hens are truly Free-Range and provide us with wonderful nutrient-dense eggs.

Are you looking for fresh eggs direct from a family-owned farm? If so, Nature's Gourment Farm in Petal, Mississippi is your go-to choice.

All of our laying hens are raised right here on our farm’s pastures with access to shelters when they choose. They are beyond free-range chickens, as they live and thrive on our green grasses.

When you order direct from our farm, you have convenient access to farm-fresh eggs. Simply place your order online to get yours today.

You'll notice the difference in our eggs with your first crack of the shell. We're known for our deep golden yolks that are indicative of the healthy, diverse diets our hens enjoy while on pasture.

Our eggs are great for a hearty breakfast casserole, breakfast sandwich, your next baking recipe, and everything in between.