2017 0812 Are You Buying Phony Grassfed Beef

August 19, 2017

Are YOU buying "phony" grassfed beef? – Part of our mission at Nature's Gourmet Farm is to help inform and educate customers regarding food issues and trends that affect your physical & mental health so you can make a more informed decision.

The market for grassfed beef has grown about 1600% but, still represents a very small percent of the total beef consumed in America. More than 75% of the beef labeled as "grassfed" purchased in the US is actually imported! USDA labeling regulations have only confused the situation (deceiving consumers) because 1) imported beef moved through a USDA plant can be labeled as "Product of the USA"  2) USDA labeling allows for feeding of grain by-products like soy hulls and distillers grain (thus NOT a grass or forage diet as the label suggest).

So, how can a consumer know they are getting what they are paying for? The best way is to get to know your farmer! Visit the farm and ask questions. At Nature's Gourmet Farm we welcome your visit and questions. We also use our website and blog to explain our processes and protocols. We are very transparent in what we do. Raising a premium product is not as simple as turning a few yearlings or heifers out to pasture and when, or if, they get fat we harvest them and call them grassfed. 

I developed 4-criteria early on to evaluate if someone knew what they were doing in this business. They are: 

1) Do they own the land

2) Do they own the cattle

3) Do they invest their own money in the operation

4) Are they doing it successfully

To be considered, they have to pass ALL four criteria. This weeds out more than 95% of the speakers and writers who spend other peoples money to promote their theory.

Next week I will share more about our journey.

Customer Feedback- 

Ben and Beth are a delight to work with. Their farm is well-managed and maintained. Ben is working to improve the soil quality which in turn grows good food for his animals to eat. He is careful to use methods that have been proven in ages past as well as incorporate modern conveniences like electric fences. The quality of their product shows the love and attention they give their animals. Best beef, pork, and chicken I have tasted! You won't be disappointed - either in the farmer or his product. Barbara B

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”   ~ Michael LeBoeuf

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.

Ben & Beth

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