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What Get's You Out Of Bed In The Morning?

December 25, 2021

Good Morning and hello from your farmer,

When I was serving in the Air National Guard and received my letter that I had 20 good years towards started me thinking about whether I continue serving or retire.

Back then, most folks I met seemed to only be working for retirement so they could "stay home" without any real objective in mind other than do as little as possible.

For me, my health was very good, I was enjoying what I was doing, and l liked being around the people and mission. As the years ticked by I always thought I would know when it was my "time to retire". So, I stayed - for another 16 years.

But, I did not retire to sit at home and do next to nothing with my time. I like and need to be busy.

That's why I am so blessed to have the responsibility to steward this farm and raise healthy, nutritious, and great tasting meats for families.

Never in my wildest dreams back in 2009 would I have thought we would be where we are today. But, God is faithful and has led us much further than I ever thought possible.

For us, our passion lies with our drop sites where we connect directly with families. We want to help families meet their objectives!

We know that moms have a crazy busy life and wear many hats - there are kids around the house - decisions to make about "how can I get a clean healthy meal on the table"?

Many of the farm jobs we can hire someone to do. But, we like to make the deliveries because that is where we connect and build relationships with our customers.

To be honest, we also enjoy the many positive comments folks send us weekly - like the six or seven folks who enjoyed and felt connected to our team of folks that help us that we introduced in last weeks newsletter.

​I want to close by sharing Beth's Chicken Soup recipe. It is very easy, healthy, inexpensive, and soooo good (I'm enjoying some as I write this).

For this batch Beth started with 3-NGF Chicken Soup Bones from our processing this week. She put them in the crockpot about half full of water about lunchtime on high. When she came in from finishing chores, she deboned the chicken and cut in small pieces. The chicken yields about a pound of meat each and some healthy broth. Then, she added to the broth in the crockpot, homemade cream of chicken soup (or you can use a can of store-bought), salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic, and about 3 Tbsp. of butter. She put the chicken back in the crockpot and added some half and half (we didn't have enough milk). You can make it as thick or thin as you want with the amount of milk. Get everything hot, but don't scorch the milk. Serve with saltines crushed up in it. YUM!!!

So, what gets me out of bed in the morning? The joy to be a blessing to others.

As always, thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

Ben Simmons

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