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1)  What is a pickup location?  Pickup locations are simply places where we meet you with your order.  Common locations are home driveways or parking lots.
2) How do pickup days work?  Arrive at the pickup location at your scheduled time. We are only at each pickup location for approximately 30 minutes.  Your prompt attention to arrival is very appreciated.   You will be greeted by Ben & Beth.  Provide the name on your order and we will carry it to your vehicle.  Your order will be in boxes/bags so you will not need coolers unless you are traveling more than an hour. 
3) What should I bring on pickup day?  We encourage you to bring a copy of your order’s confirmation or have it accessible on your phone.  This can help speed up the process.
4) How is my order packaged?  All meat items come individually packaged and frozen.  Your items will always be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience.
5) How do I add to my current order?  You can simply log in any time before your upcoming deadline and add to an existing order.
6) Can a friend pick up my order?  Yes, just be sure to have an active credit card on file so your order can be charged prior to pickup.
7) When are the order deadlines?  Most order deadlines are 3 days prior to the delivery date. 


1)  Order totals are estimated.  Since most items are priced by the pound, your final total may be a little more or less than your order’s initial estimated total.  Once finalized, your total will be charged to your credit card on file and your receipt will be emailed.
2) Payment is required before pickup.  We accept all major credit/debit cards as our primary payment method.  At the time of placing your first order, you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account.  Once finalized, your order’s total will be charged to your card on file and your receipt will be emailed.  You can also select Pay at Pickup, but we can only accept cash or check at pickup, no credit cards.
3) Short stock items.  Please understand that Nature’s Gourmet Farm is a small farm and not a large warehouse.  If an item becomes unavailable, your final total will be reduced.
4) Cancellations and missed pickups.  ALL orders require a 48-hour cancellation notice prior to your scheduled pickup time.  If you miss your pickup without providing a 48-hour cancellation notice, a $25 restocking fee will be charged to your credit card on file.  Routine occurrences will result in cancellation of services.


For Half Share custom order of Beef or Pork:  (NOTE:  The buyer is responsible for processing fees and cutting instructions)

1)  Animals are sold based on the hanging weight (after slaughter).  Thus, the actual weight (your cost) will not be known until then.
2) We require a deposit to confirm your order that equals about 50% of the “expected” total cost.  We also encourage you to pay additional deposits each month toward your balance.
3) Example based on Half Beef:  300 pounds at $3.50 = $1,050 - $500 deposit = $550 expected final cost.  However, if the hanging weight was only 275 pounds, the total cost would be $962.50
4) Once the animal is delivered and we have the Hanging Weight, you will receive an email with the total weight, total cost, amount paid, balance due, and unique tag number for your order as well as the pickup instructions.  NOTE:  You will be responsible for paying the processing fee to the Processor.
5) We have included an online cutting instructions page for your convenience.  You can complete online or print, complete, and then email to
6) Please complete your Cut Instructions Sheet with your order.
7) We have added payment by credit card for your convenience or you can enter a comment with your order that you prefer to mail a check or pay cash.  Remember, your deposit is required to confirm your order.