RESTOCK INFO: Beef Jan 23, Pork TBD, Chicken Jan 13 & 20.

Pork Variety Share 25#

Pork Variety Share 25#

25 lb Bundle Pre-cut to our most popular selections
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NOTE: Price includes processing fees. Please select Half Pork Custom if you want to choose how pork is processed.

From summer grilling season to holiday dinner parties, you will experience the practical convenience of having a broad selection of cuts in your freezer whenever needed. The time saving conveniences along with the economical savings make our bundles a great choice for families who are serious about eating healthy every day!

***All pork products are FREE of MSG and nitrates*** In curing the rub does include 1.25% Sodium Nitrite

What You Get: (NOTE: bundle will include Ham, Butt end with Pork Roast OR Shank Roast with Boston Butt)

Ham, Butt End Roast 5# OR Shank Roast 2.5# per bundle

Ham Steak Sliced 1/2 inch 5-6 packs total appx. 9.5 lb

Bacon-Smoked 1# pack 3 packs total appx 3 lb

Sausage 1-1.5# pack 3 packs total appx. 4 lb

Pork Chops 1/2 inch thick 5-6 packs total approx. 5.5 lb

Pork Roast 2.5# OR Boston Butt 5# per bundle