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Newsletter 2016 0918

September 28, 2016

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Can you believe we are only seven weeks before our average 1st frost here on the farm? A lot of work has been accomplished - hay has been harvested and stored, we have 7 maybe 8 weeks of stockpiled forage ahead of the cows, and this week I was able to plant 75 acres (almost half) of our cool season forage needs.

Compost Tea update: I'm very pleased with initial results. From the pastures that were sprayed back in June it appears we will harvest about 8500 pounds of forage per acre. Spraying continues - it takes about 20-minutes per acre between brewing and spraying. That may not seem like much but, to spray all pastures once will take 88-90 hours.

Acres U.S.A. magazine did an interview with Joanna Blythman, author of her most recent book titled "Swallow This". Her book offers an eminently accessible and lucid account of what makes manufactured food different from real food, as well as the myriad methods manufactures and retailers keep trying to put one over even on the most conscientious food shopper. She has many great comments during the interview including "the diet most people need is to eat real food made from ingredients you recognize and largely cook yourself".

Pork Half - Custom Processed: we have eight pigs that have been added to our website for customers to place deposit orders. Last February we sold 21 pigs in about 3-weeks so I don't expect these to last long. Pigs will be ready for harvest the middle to end of October or in about 4 to 5 weeks. This time customers will have the option to choose either Cascio or Attala for processing. Details include:

                      Cascio         Attala
Location          Hattiesburg   Kosciusko
Harvest           $40                  $16
Cut/Package    $0.59/lb           $0.50/lb
Smoke Meat    $0.89/lb           $0.70/lb
Link Sausage   $1.89/lb           $0.90/lb
Packaging       Freezer Paper    Vacuum Seal

To learn more about our pork or to place an order click this link

Last Spring Ingrid bought her first pig from Nature's Gourmet Farm. Soon thereafter, she emailed me pictures of the Southern Living Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Brussels Sprouts meal she prepared with her comments-

Hi Ben,
Fried up a package of bacon the other morning and it was phenomenal, melted in your mouth, best I've ever had! Made these brown sugar and spice roasted pork chops for dinner tonight (the carrots and kale are also local :) I expected a difference, but this has far exceeded my expectations! The chops were also phenomenal, my compliments to the farmer!!! Ingrid

Find her recipe here:

Thank you for supporting your local farmer.
Ben & Beth

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