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Pig Orders & Legislative Update

February 12, 2017

Pastured Pork – just a reminder we are taking deposits for Half-Pork Custom Processed NON-GMO pastured pigs. The pigs will go to slaughter mid-March or a short 4-weeks away. Orders are due now so we can figure out what else we may need to do.

Buying a custom processed pig means you choose the type cuts you want and how it is packaged. This is the best value for your money. 

What You Get: (can vary based on customer preferences)

Ham, (Roast, Shank, Steaks)  30-35 pounds per bundle

Bacon 1# packs total 13-14 packs (13#)

Sausage 1-1.5# packs total 15 packs (20#)

Pork Chops 2# packs total 12 packs (24#)

Shoulder Roast and or Boston Butt 13-15 pounds per bundle

Spare Ribs 3 pounds per bundle

Also includes: liver, neck bones, pig feet, tail, and lard at customers request.

Cost Estimate: We require a deposit to confirm your order that equals about 50% of the "expected" total cost. You would also be responsible for paying the processor fee of $0.50 per pound plus extra for cured items.

Example (based on Half Pork): 150# * $3.50 = $525.00 - $250 deposit = $275.00 expected final cost.

Freezer Space requirement will be 4.5 to 5 cu ft.

Delivery – I will pick up your order and bring to Hattiesburg to save you the trip to Kosciusko.

Packaging – BPA free vacuum sealed packaging thus no leaking when thawing, etc.

Don’t delay… place your order today!

Legislative Update: you may remember I communicated the biggest risk to our farm is lack of slaughter facilities. Since then, I have contacted Representative Palazzo via his MS Staff and have had email and telephone conversations with his DC Ag Staff member.

Additionally, I have had a lengthy conversation with our State Ag Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith. I was able to share my concerns and discussed the book “The Meat Racket” with her.

About a week ago I sent an email to a group of MS Senators requesting they support increasing on-farm slaughter of pastured chicken from 1000 to 20,000 per year – like many states have.

If you are interested in voicing your support as well, here is an example of an email a customer sent:

Dear Senator:

I buy chicken from my farmer-friend, Ben Simmons, owner of a small family farm.  I buy from him because I am convinced he grows the best and healthiest-for-me chickens in the Hattiesburg area, where I live.

For some time I have been aware that Mississippi's regulations on growing poultry were set to the advantage of the giant poultry businesses.  Passage of SB 2033 will not hurt those poultry giants.  Their beginnings were as small farmers, and they should not be choking the efforts of small farmers by putting pressure on you to deny small businesses a fair chance.

I am also aware that in the last five years there have been increasing numbers of small farmers who are raising healthy and healthy-to-eat chickens. (It's clear to me that their chickens are much healthier to eat than those grown in agribusiness's chicken houses, where disease is rampant and antibiotics has to be added to their feed!)  Mississippians need to be healthier, and small farmers could play a much bigger part in filling this need, if they weren't restricted by current laws.  

They are due your serious consideration to vote for SB 2033!

Thank you,

Your name

Here is the list of Senators to contact.;;;;;;; ahill ;;;;;

Lastly, I have the opportunity to visit our State Legislature this coming Thursday to voice my concerns and plan to meet with Senator Hudson and possibly others. I am also being vetted for a trip to DC to meet with Congressman Palazzo in March.

Ben Simmons

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