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New Enterprise

April 1, 2017

Sales Update –

This is the last weekend to get your orders in for the April 4-5 delivery.

Everyone loves a SALE! Last Tuesday we put many of our items on sale after learning that we needed to find another cold storage facility while The Merchants Company repaired their facility that was damaged by the January tornado.

We appreciate your support. 25# Ground is sold out. More will be available late May.

We have 10 & 25# Beef Variety (3) and 25# Pork Variety Shares (4) available.

Life Changes: – when I retired from the MS Air Guard about 2-years ago, Beth & I discussed the possibility of her ending her public job (she has done medical transcription for the past 19 years) and start a farm enterprise when my retirement “kicked in”.

Well, that time has come. This is her last Friday night to transcribe. YEAH!

Farm Activities – Last December Beth & I flew to Indiana to visit the Seven Sons Farm. Specifically, we wanted to look into how they raise all those hens on pasture and see if that is something Beth might consider for her farm enterprise.

After consideration and prayer I found myself driving to the middle of OH Amish country about a month ago to pick up a portable hoop house and then to IN to pick up next boxes. I really enjoyed my short visit with Mr. Yoder. After a 14+ hour drive he welcomed me into his home and said “let’s sit and visit a bit”. He started out by explaining they are “horse & buggy Amish” meaning they do not own any type of automobile and the phone was in a separate structure out by the driveway. “They believe in living simply”.

So, Beth has herself a farm enterprise. The hoop house has been completed as well as the egg processing room and cool room. Nature’s Gourmet Farm egg cartons have been ordered. And, about 500 or so hens will arrive April 14th and should start laying soon thereafter.

Because they are young pullet hens the first eggs will be more medium size to begin with. Then, they will be large brown eggs.

We are excited that Vitamin’s Plus will stock our eggs in addition to our beef and pork. Helen and her family have been very supportive of our farm and are much appreciated.

Additionally, Corner Market will carry our eggs as well as pork – probably starting early May.

What is the Difference between Pastured Eggs and CAFO eggs? –

According to a study from 2007 Mother Earth News egg testing project, conventional store bought eggs are nutritionally inferior to pastured eggs. Compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture may contain:

1⁄3 less cholesterol

1⁄4 less saturated fat

2⁄3 more vitamin A

2 times more omega-3 fatty acids

3 times more vitamin E

7 times more beta carotene

4-6 times more vitamin D

Other advantages to Nature’s Gourmet Farm eggs are: Local, Pasture Raised, GMO-Free, and No Drugs or Antibiotics. Basically, we are committed to producing eggs without feeding antibiotics, drugs or GMO grain. Our happy hens are rotated through fresh green pastures daily where they can freely express themselves.

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