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2017 0422

April 23, 2017

As consumers it is often very difficult to determine what is really going on with our food. With all the "new" terms and companies being bought and sold it can be confusing at best. So, let me introduce you to The Cornucopia Institute located in Cornucopia, WI. I first heard about them from an article written by Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms in VA.

The Cornucopia Institute, through research and investigations on agricultural and food issues, provides needed information to family farmers, consumers and other stakeholders in the good food movement and to the media. They support economic justice for the family-scale farming community – partnered with consumers – backing ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.

Cornucopia researches and produces reports on numerous topics. A few examples include: Congressional GMO Voting Guide: Who Sold Out The "Right To Know", Industry Scorecards (for example - eggs), Who Owns Organics (did you know Kashi was owned by Kellogg since 2000), Seed Industry Guide, GMO Labeling, and Flyover Galleries of actual farms. Plus many more!

Are you getting what you pay for from your organic food producer? Check them out here:

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