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"Is cheapness EVERYTHING there is?"

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

May 21, 2017

Product Update 

Chicken - batch #2 was delivered Saturday with inventory added to our website for purchase. 

Beef - the first of the steers are getting close to being ready for market. This year pre-orders have been very slow. If you plan to buy a half or whole Custom Processed beef from me then you have until June 1st to place your order and pay the deposit with delivery expected before mid-September. After June 1st, the remaining steers will be marketed elsewhere. 

Eggs - I will have eggs added to our website this week for purchase and delivery May 30th. This was our first week in all the Corner Market stores with Petal taking delivery Thursday. Sales at Vitamins Plus have been good and we appreciate Ms. Helen a lot. Cotton Blues has also purchased eggs. 

Joel Salatin – most folks today have heard of Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms in VA and best selling author. His farm has been included in numerous film documentaries. Joel is an experienced farmer and expert marketer. Beth and I visited his farm in July 2011 back when we were putting the pieces together. Today, Joel is also the editor of "The Stockman Grass Farmer" after the death of Alan Nation last November.

Here is one of Joel's quotes from the documentary Food Inc., “Is cheapness EVERYTHING there is?  I mean, who wants to buy the cheapest car?  We’re willing to subsidize the food system to create the mystique of cheap food when actually, it’s very expensive food. 

When you add up the environmental cost, societal costs, health costs, the industrial food is not honest food.  It’s not priced honestly.”

Along this same line of thought, Dr. Mercola's newsletter this week discussed a new film titled "Before The Flood". Several quotes listed are: "Carbon displacement is real, and soil erosion and the burning of fossil fuels are taking carbon from the land and moving it to water and air. Regenerative agriculture is the most promising and productive means we have to remedy this situation while improving the quality of our foods and water efficiency." 

 "As noted by Gidon Eshel, Ph.D., a research professor of environmental physics at Bard College, one of the absolute easiest ways to opt out of destructive systems — without appealing to or waiting for governments and corporations to change — is by changing your own diet.

Eshel is a scientist who studies the effects of agriculture on climate. According to Eshel, 47 percent of the land is used for food production and, of that, 70 percent is used to grow feed for cattle in feedlots. Fruits, vegetables and nuts account for a mere 1 percent of the agricultural land." 

At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we believe that both farmers and consumers are responsible for stewardship of the Earth. That means individuals need to be accountable for learning where their food comes from and for developing a connection with local farmers and food sources. Additionally, we believe in personnel responsibility. That everyone should take responsibility for their own health and that of their family by understanding the effects of food on their body and secure sources of healthy foods. 

The best (maybe only) way to change the industrial food model in the U.S. is for consumers to vote with their food dollar for Stewardship, Accountability, and Responsibility!

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

“Tell me and I forget.   Teach me and I remember.   Involve me and I learn.”    ~ Benjamin Franklin

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