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Pea Pickers

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

July 2, 2017

Product Update –
1) Chicken - Batch 4 will be processed Friday, July 14 and available for pickup Saturday as fresh. Any not sold will be added to our website sales. 

2) Beef - Have you ordered your half beef yet? The first ones went for harvest Jule 25th. Confirm your order with a deposit is all that is needed to reserve your premium grass-fed beef.

3) Pork - Our next batch of pigs will be harvested July 16th. FOR A LIMITED TIME - FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis we will sell half & whole orders (Custom Processed) at $2.80# a 20% savings. A whole pig should dress about 215#. Pig cost would be $605 plus processing $140. Total appx. $745 - an average price of less than $3.50#.NOTE: this will be the last batch of custom processed pigs for 2017. Reserve yours by placing your deposit today

Pea Pickers – The first year I planted peas into my grass pastures some power company employees stopped by and asked me how was I going to pick all those peas? Simple I said! Just open the gate and get out of the way. The cows know what to do. The above picture was taken a few weeks ago after turning the steers into a fresh patch of peas. This pasture has about 4-grasses and at least 2-legumes. Diversity of forage is one of the top five steps to improving soil health. By the way, it is also very healthy for the animals as well as customers who choose to buy our premium grassfed beef for their families.

I read an article a while back that stated more than 80% of the antibiotics sold in the U.S.A. was given to livestock in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). This is because disease is rampant where animals are housed in tight areas for extended period of times. This simply breeds disease that is passed from one animal to the next - and think about the people that work in those conditions!

At Nature's Gourmet Farm, our cows are rotated every 3-4 days to a new pasture. Our broilers and hens are moved to a new spot every day. And they are not brought back again for 3-4 weeks or more. Thus, effectively breaking the disease cycle while giving the land time to recover. Our animals are healthy and do not need drugs because we do our best to follow God's original plan.

Customer Feedback- 
If you've come to the conclusion that factory farming is no longer a healthy option for your family, this is the place to buy from locally. Best beef, you taste the difference for sure! Looking forward to trying the chicken next.
While the prices are great for grass fed and finished beef, they are and should be higher than what you get at the grocery store. If you feel that you can't afford it, my advice is to eat less but high quality meat instead.
Best of all is the customer service and knowing the people that raise your meat. Thanks Ben!.
S Epstein

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –
“God gave the cow all she needed to be a good cow." Allan NationThank you for supporting our regenerative local farm as we strive to be faithful stewards of God's blessing.
Ben & Beth

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Lot's of very positive comments from last weeks Newsletter. Vanessa gave me permission to share her reply. Here goes- You have known my stance. They are trying to modify us to break our connection to our Creator. To be "unnatural" is to be without God. The definition for "sin" is "without God". These modified foods may be without the light of God, but I think no matter how injured we are, we can always find our way home. Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows. It's what I have always lived by. Our energy/attention is very valuable?

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Friday morning before 7a.m., a young mother called inquiring about buying chicken and beef. She had recently read where Moderna had received $175 million from the US Government to develop mRNA vaccines for our food supply. This greatly troubled her as a mother and unvaccinated RN. We understand! And felt the same. Equally disturbing is a quote from a prior CDC Director who stated the next pandemic will involve the avian flu. Is this their way of communicating what they are working on next - after Covid? A customer introduced me to Tracy Thurman who writes for the Brownstone Institute

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"It's Like Chirstmas" - that was Laura's comment when picking up her half beef on Monday. Lot's of excitment to have their freezer filled with farm fresh beef. This was our second special harvest for half/whole beef where the processing is completed by Homestead Farm & Packing. By moving the custom processing to Homestead it frees up our plant/staff to focus on retail cuts that are sold by the piece through our store. Mostly, this helps us be able to serve more families. Demand continues to be strong for our half/whole beef. So, if you are interested