2017 0715 Fats, Proteins, and Carbs - Beth's Journey

July 19, 2017

Beth's Journey –

I am not a writer, as you will soon see, but Ben asked me to do this week’s newsletter and tell you about my journey to a better, healthier
lifestyle.  I have been somewhat slender most of my life; however, after age 30, my body started changing.  I grew up with us having a garden in the
summer, so I liked vegetables and learned to can/freeze our garden excess.  After Ben and I married, we continued to have a garden some
years, but not all, and I missed some of the things we could have fresh. 

In 2007, I found out I was pre-diabetic.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job watching my carbs/sugars, but about 1-1/2 years ago I realized I was
not.  I had crossed the line into diabetic territory.  My nurse practitioner wanted to give me a chance to decrease my HbA1c level with diet before she put diabetes as a diagnosis in my medical record.  I really appreciated this, as it will follow you forever in your medical record. 

She introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama.  I have never been one to follow diets, and I don’t like to exercise.  I had read a book several
years ago that followed the same concept as Trim Healthy Mama, but I have to have examples of what is good and not good to eat, recipes, etc. 
As I read through the book, I saw that this was something I could do.  No counting calories, no counting carbs, no measuring food!!  They do have
their own line of items you can order on-line, but it is not necessary for success. 

It all boils down to blood glucose.  Food mainly consists of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.  Our bodies can burn only one type of fuel at a
time, either fats or carbs.  When we eat fats and carbs together, there is too much fuel to burn and the excess gets stored and causes blood glucose
problems.  Excess insulin makes you fat!! This is true for any one, whether you have diabetes or not.  You need an open mind and a willingness to shed bad habits. 

You can customize this eating lifestyle to your own needs and your family’s as it does not require separate meals or weird foods.  I can fix a regular
meal for my family and choose not to eat the starchier vegetables (potatoes, rice, corn, peas) and bread, but be sure there is at least one vegetable that is a healthier choice for me.  I also need to be gluten free, so I have also chosen to eat very little bread/grains or white flour-containing
products.  I still need to practice using the various healthier grains/flours in things like casseroles or baked goods. 

The way to eat to lose weight is to eat protein and healthy fats together, and at other meals eat protein and carbs.  You don’t have to give up certain
food groups, just learn to pair them with the right foods.

This “diet”, which is another word for what you eat, gives so much variety that you don’t get bored or burned out as some diets can leave you.  This is a lifestyle change and not something you stop when you lose those pesky 10 pounds. 

Basically, I use olive oil, butter (not margarine), and coconut oil for my fats.  There are several other healthy fats available as well like
pastured beef and pork.  I use stevia-based sweetener for my tea; after all, why drink tea if it is not sweet!!  We eat the meats we grow here on
the farm which are all grass-based, and vegetables.  We eat very little processed foods, but we all have our vices; mine is chocolate.

Now a little over a year later, and about 35 pounds lighter, I am happier with myself and the way my clothes fit.  I can add back in some higher carb
foods, in moderation, as I am at my goal, still being mindful of my blood glucose. 

I am also reading Dr. Mercola’s Fat for Fuel, which is based on these same principles, but goes into more detail about the inner workings of our bodies with cell production and regeneration.  Eating “Real Farm Foods” vs. processed food is critical to healthy eating.

Bottom line, carbohydrates convert to sugar, sugar raises our blood glucose, and excess glucose in our bodies cause fat.  Sugar is also a fuel for
cancer and other chronic diseases.  Some folks can forego all sugar.  I am not at that point and may never be, but decreasing the overall burden on
my body has to be a win-win for me and hopefully for my family as I do what I can to stay healthy to be able to take care of their needs for a long time to come.

Customer Feedback- 

I enjoy the experience of purchasing my beef, pork and chicken from a local farm. I stock my freezer and enjoy it all year. Nature's Gourmet Farm makes it so easy. Susan Dobson

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –

"The effects of not cooking are similarly far reaching. Relying upon corporations to process our food means we consume large quantities of fat,
sugar, and salt; disrupt an essential link to the natural world; and weaken our relationships with family and friends." Michael Pollan in his book titled

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