2017 0722 American's Health Report

July 22, 2017

Product Update –

1) Chicken - We have 10 or so of the 5.5# chicken available. Next batch will process Sept 11th

2) Beef - Have you ordered your half beef yet? Confirm your order with a deposit is all that is needed to reserve your premium grass-fed beef.

Chuck Roast - our favorite roast! We have found ourselves overstocked and have added a 15# Bundle where you save 15%. Now just $5.85 per pound. 

Ground Beef - Attala is scheduled to complete processing & packaging on Monday for me to pickup Tuesday.... just in time for Wednesday deliveries. So, I have added inventory for you can place your order.

Broth Bones - same as ground beef

3) Pork - we have plenty of bacon, link sausage, pattie sausage, pork chops, ribs, etc. available. Simply place your order and meet us for delivery.

American's Health Report –

First, I would like to ask you a question. Do you believe the health of American's is getting better or worse? What about the health of Mississippian's? How about your health - your families health?

 Based on the following websites the trend is definitely worse. So, it begs the question, why?





 Most people would agree that our mental and physical health is directly related to what we eat and drink.

 When you consider the health of most Americans whose diet is heavily influenced with processed foods vs. the Amish culture whose diet does NOT include processed foods but food tied directly back to healthy land stewardship (the way God intended) there is a vast difference. Also, the Amish do not vaccinate their children. Another plus in their favor!

 Last week Beth wrote about her journey to healthy eating and many folks commented back how much they enjoyed the article. Note to that Weston A. Price, Dr. Mercola, Paleo, etc. all say basically the same thing (the video on Price is very interesting - find it on YouTube). Basically it is about eating healthy fats like from pasture based animals, grass-based protein, and healthy carbs. Your meal should include fats + protein or carbs + protein. Meals should not be Fats + Carbs.

 When you look beyond the USDA, FDA, AMA, etc. you will find a lot of research and books that support avoiding processed foods. An informative book to read is "The Dorito Effect".

 Did you know that for the past 57 years the American Farmer has received a smaller and smaller percentage of the retail food dollar? The reason is most Americans are disconnected from the farm and rely on processed food companies who reap the profits while our health & the health of our families suffer.

Customer Feedback- 

I think the videos posted on this page say it all. Great products, environmentally sustainable, simple and convenient service (great website interface for ordering and good delivery locations), and reasonably priced. I've only put one order in but feel confident rating. Have tried eggs, rump roast, T-bone steak, and ground beef. All excellent. Other people I have shared with have agreed on the superior taste. My hat is off to this wonderful family team. We need more wholistic foods like this in our area. Will be ordering again and again. Stefan Lawson

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – "The effects of not cooking are similarly far reaching. Relying upon corporations to process our food means we consume large quantities of fat, sugar, and salt; disrupt an essential link to the natural world; and weaken our relationships with family and friends." Michael Pollan in his book titled COOKED

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