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Farm Update

written by

Ben Simmons

posted on

August 19, 2017

Farm Update –

Weather impacts everything we do! As you know, it has been a very wet summer. Early July we were forcasted to have 4-5 days of little to no rain. So, July 3rd I cut 2-pastures for hay and a 3rd on July 4th. Thursday it was time to bale. Unfortunately, my baler had issues that I was able to fix and started baling with about 12 or so completed before a major roller broke half in two. I borrowed a neighbors baler and was able to get another 12-13 baled before dark. As I entered the pasture to start baling Friday, two bolts of lighting struck and it has rained just about every day since. Bottom line we lost 100-110 bales of hay valued at $35 or so each (plus the cost to fix the baler).

July 20th I took a neighbor to see Ray Archuleta (The Soil Guy) in Canton, MS. I had previously tried to convince him about the destruction tillage causes to the soil water & nutrient cycles as well as releasing carbon back into the atmosphere. He never really was convinced until he personally saw the results from a "Rainfall Simulator" demonstration. We now have a new convert!

Customer Feedback- 


I tried to tag your page in this post last night but I couldn't. I wanted you to know that we all thoroughly enjoyed a meal from your farm last night. The eggs and sausage were a big hit! (see above picture) Feel free to share if you want. Thanks for all you do! Janet B.

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – “Don't worry about people stealing your ideas.   If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats.”   ~ Howard Aiken

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.

Ben & Beth

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Are Foreign Imports "Local"?

It may surprise you that I do receive AND read several weekly newsletters from other farms that I know and trust. Last week, Paul Brown who owns Nourished By Nature in Bismark, ND (son of Gabe Brown) wrote a really good article on import beef and he agreed to let me share with my customers. So, here goes! If you recall, the last newsletter we sent out referred to the statistic that today, only 2% of the population in the US produces food for the entire country (plus imports) as compared to 17% in 1940. This is unprecedented and it makes me wonder, what happened over the last 80 years? And where will we be in another 80? No wait, how about 10 years??? Will all US food production be outsourced?

Product Updates & More

First, a quick followup from last week's email where I shared my letter to Sec. Watson. This generated a lot of interest and response from our customers - ALL very positive and thankful for us taking the stand we do. Several customers also shared that they were personal friends with Sec. Watson and would contact him regarding our farm. So far, I have not heard from him. Cindy shared the following: Thank you for speaking out about issues that many of us are very upset about and feel like we have no voice. Hopefully, Secretary Watson will actually do something. In my opinion, Farm Bureau is against most Mississippians. They were against the illegal land sales to the Chinese and other foreign countries who want to harm us. I was at the meeting at the Capitol a few months ago and saw it firsthand. They are against any legislation to protect pets, such as dogs and cats, from animal abusers, in addition to the chicken and dairy issues you mentioned above. I am no fan at all of Farm Bureau. They are a detriment to our state. But they have a powerful lobby and lots of friends in influential places . And lots of farmers, big farmers, are fans. I have always been a fan of ag commissioner Gipson and I expect he will run for governor one day. I’m not sure if it’s a political play, but it seems that he is quiet on most of these issues. One exception is the Land deals, because he did chair those groups and hold the hearings.

Letter To Sec. Watson MS Secretary of State

This week I received an email from Sec. Watson regarding his offices' plan and successes in eliminating administrative and MS Code bottlenecks that hold back business growth. He also asked for input on areas that affect our business. Have you ever heard the saying, "Be Careful What You Ask For?" Well, here is my response to Sec. Watson. I'm still waiting to hear back from him - which I truly hope will happen. Sec. Watson, first let me thank you for aggressively tackling these tough issues. Too many politicians today are mere pawns of