2017 0909 Are You Familiar With The Butterfly?

September 15, 2017

Product Update–

1) Chicken - We delivered batch 6 today with all SOLD. Batch 7 will be ready Oct 7th. Only two more batches this year through May 2018. If you need chicken, you can reserve your needs by emailing me how many you want.

2) Beef - Our freezer was restocked this week and we now have plenty of steaks, roast, and etc. in stock.

We have several BEEF specials to include: (Next Processing Date is Sept 10th)

a) Half-Custom Processed save $0.35/# or $105 per half.Confirm your order with your deposit today! To learn more visit our
store at https://naturesgourmetfarm.com/store/product/half-beef-custom-processed

b) 15# Bundle Chuck Roast - buy 15# or more and save 15%. Now only $5.85 per pound

c) Ground Beef - buy 50# or more and save 7%. Was $290 - now $270

3) Pork - We have plenty of pork in stock. For a limited time we will offer Pork Chops on sale. Buy 15 pounds and get 15% off the regular price. Sale price $6.35 per pound. Save $1.15 per pound.

Did you know you can pickup your order directly from our farm? Simply place your order and coordinate a time.

Farm Update –

About 6-weeks ago I started looking at feed options and found a farm in NW Georgia that made the switch from conventional to NON-GMO grains several years ago. Since then, they have been certified by the NON-GMO Project Verified Organization and have actually progressed in the program and re-certified. I invited them for a visit and am glad to announce that we received our first delivery of hen, broiler, and pig feed with the NON-GMO Project Verified butterfly this week.

For us, this is a really BIG deal! It is one thing to buy feed that claims to be NON-GMO - however, it is a huge step forward to be able to buy feed that has been verified as NON-GMO by an independent organization. According to Blog News from April 6th 2017, Non-GMO Project Verified Seal Receives Highest Ranking for Meaningfulness from Consumer Reports.

The report goes on to state in part "Greener Choices, the Food Safety and Sustainability Center at Consumer Reports, released a comprehensive assessment of the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal. Greener Choices works for sweeping, systemic change in the food system. At the core of their work is the belief that there is a clear intersection between how food is produced and public health.

Greener Choices categorizes the Non-GMO Project Verified seal as, “a highly meaningful label for consumers wishing to avoid GMOs in the foods they buy and to support farmers who don’t use GMOs.” Greener Choices notes the meaning of the label is consistent, the Non-GMO Project is free from conflict of interest, and the label was developed with broad public and industry input."

Additionally, we have made it where other farms in our area can also participate and use the same feed in their operations. We firmly believe we need more farms that are regenerative, committed to NON-GMO, and direct market to consumers in their local area.

We hope you are as excited about this news as we are.

Customer Feedback- 

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”   ~ Michael LeBoeuf

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.

Ben & Beth

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