2018 0407 Numerous Farm Updates

April 14, 2018

Farm Update –

I want to thank all our customers for your support and business. Sales continues to grow. April delivery cycle we had 7-new customers place their first orders. Reservations for chicken have been strong.

As you read this update, I am returning from a bull sell in Missouri! After Wednesday's delivery I traded out the delivery trailer for the cattle trailer and headed for the sale in Springfield - with expectations of making Jonesboro, AR before stopping for rest. The sale starts on Thursday at 1 PM. We are looking at both Red and Black Angus bulls. A major selection criteria is tenderness and marbling that is determined from ultrasound data collected on each bull. I will also provide delivery to other farmers along Route #3 that covers NW Arkansas, North MS and down to Montgomery, AL before returning home

The bulls will be much more expensive than what we have paid in the past, but represent an investment in providing our customers a quality product.

Wednesday, March 28th I spoke at Dr. Gibbs two Entrepreneurship classes in Scianna Hall (the new business college building). This came about through one of our long term customers who is taking the class and discussed the possibility with Dr. Gibbs. This was a very rewarding experience - to be able to share our story of regenerative farming. The class was very attentive and asked really good questions. And, Scianna Hall is amazing. Nothing like the Green building where I took my business courses - but then there was no such thing as computers or cellphones back then! Thanks to Dr. Gibbs for inspiring her students and using local entrepreneurs.

I also have an appointment with a USM Grad Student majoring in Nutrition who has an assignment to interview a farmer! She was smart in locating a local farmer by visiting the Farmers Market and asking around. Someone there told her about Nature's Gourmet Farm. 

This past week I collected soil samples from all pastures (an 8-10 hour task) and mailed them off Monday morning. Results are due back April 10th. I'm excited to see what improvements have been accomplished and to learn what is needed next.

The last item posted to our Facebook page was an interview with Andrea Leyerle from Livingston when she and her husband visited the farm to pickup their 2nd Half Beef order. 

Customer Feedback- The beef is excellent! So far I have put up 14 quarts of bone broth, we have had spaghetti with meat sauce, ribeye steaks, and tonight we are having burgers! I am on a beef binge for the foreseeable future! Thank you for doing what you do. My family appreciates it very much! A Leyerle

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –  "Food security is not in the supermarket. It's not in the government. It's not at the emergency services division. True food security is the historical normalcy of packing it in during the abundant times, building that in-house larder, and resting easy knowing that our little ones are not dependent on next week's farmers' market or the electronic cashiers at the supermarket." --Joel Salatin

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.

Ben & Beth


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