2018 0922 Welcome NEW Employee & Baby Pigs

September 28, 2018

Farm Update - After completing deliveries Wednesday I spent Thursday & Friday prepping to start planting cool season forages. I typically start Labor Day but, it has been to wet and hot. Today I spent all day planting. It will take about 12 total days spread out over the next 6-8 weeks.

We added some new employees on the farm to help our cool & warm season forages do better. Their name is Mycorrhizal Fungi. These guys have been around about 6,000 years or since the beginning of creation.

According to their resume, Mycorrhizal fungi (MF) are one of the most beneficial organisms on the planet. They are fungi that colonize plant roots, living partially inside and partially outside the roots, and act as extensions of the roots to aid the functioning of the roots. Whatever a root is supposed to do, a mycorrhizal colonized root can do better.

List of beneficial accomplishments include:
1) Increased root mass
2) Improved drought tolerance
3) Faster establishment of seedlings
4) Reduction of root disease and nematodes
5) Increased nutrient uptake
6) Improved soil structure
7) Reduction in compaction
8) Reduced weed growth
9) Overall improved soil biology

This year, when we bought our seeds, I had the supplier add 4 grams per acre (includes billions of M.Fungi) to the clover blend.

Customer Feedback-
"The best tasting beef and their delivery system is very convenient. We will be purchasing again for sure!" ~ J George

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – “Most of the earth's land is not conducive to arable cropping. Only a tiny percentage is good enough for that. Grasslands are literally the lungs of the earth, and restoring them with animals is not only necessary, but it's the most efficacious way to restore water cycles and the carbon cycle. Right now, nothing else comes close to remediating broken ecological systems as quickly or completely as restoring large herds of grazing animals through holistic, or long-term, management.” ~Joel Salatin, The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God's Creation

As always, thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.
Ben & Beth

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