2019 0202 Your "Magic Pill" Moment

February 2, 2019

Product Update

1) Chicken - Next whole chickens will be April 26, 2019 (our 1st batch of chicks arrive Feb 28th)! PLEASE NOTE individual packs of soup bones are in stock. All other items are sold out until April 26.

2) Beef - We are in stock on Rib-eyes, NY Strip & Sirloin steaks, all roast (ON SALE), and ground beef. Beef Sausages were added Jan 18th. We will add inventory for custom processed beef half & whole soon that will be available mid March delivery

3) Pork - We are sold out on pork cuts except for Link Sausage. I will add custom processed pork half soon that will be available mid March for delivery when we also will process for individual packs.

4) Eggs - Egg production has picked up some and the new hens are basically not laying yet. I doubt we will have eggs for February delivery. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Farm Updates! - Our steers are really looking good! The above picture was taken Monday, January 28th when I moved them into the next pasture. Our grass is coming along OK as well. The key turning point for grass is typically mid-February. By then the days are longer and temperatures are warmer and the grass will kick into high gear.

Your "Magic Pill" Moment - last week I wrote that to convert my farm from a "factory farm" to "regenerative farm" I had to change my source of information and made the case that the same was true for consumers - that if you want to improve your health you must change your source of information.

Have you had your "Magic Pill" moment yet? The Magic Pill is a documentary on NetFlex (free) about the health benefits of eating Real Farm Food! The movie starts by interviewing people with various health issues. They help educate them on why eating Real Farm Food is so much better for you then eating processed food stuff. Refrigerators and cabinets are cleaned out of processed food and restocked with Real Farm Food. In some cases they provided training on how to cook Real Farm Food. Then, after a period of time they return and interview the families again to see how it was going. In every case the results were AMAZINGLY positive. Read this blog for more information.

Thursday, a woman from Laurel called who had just watched The Magic Pill. She is in remission from cancer, her husband has diabetes (retired Air Force) and their teenage children have health issues as well. She started searching the internet and found our farm and called. She had lots of questions. One of the questions was how to get started with her budget. My suggestion was to start with our beef roast. They are all on sale till February 4th. I also suggested our ground beef. Just recently a new customer told us they bought a pack from Vitamins Plus (was concerned about the price), but after cooking one pound determined they would have had to use about 2-pounds of grocery store CAFO meat to equal the same edible amount as Nature's Gourmet Farm ground beef yielded.

A key statement she made was her cancer doctor told her that sugar does not feed cancer! She already knew this was a lie. While I am not an expert on the subject - from what I understand the dye used to determine where cancer is located includes sugar because the cancer reacts to sugar. Additionally, a customer whose son is an oncology doctor told me it was against the law for him to discuss any treatment(s) other than what the AMA protocols specify.

Did you know that the US per person consumption of sugar is greater than 160 pounds annually - and much of this is from HFCS made from GMO corn. Compared to our ancestors who only consumed about 4 pounds annually.

This lady is on her way to healing many of her families health issues by switching to Real Farm Food. How about you? Have you had your Magic Pill moment - yet?

Valentine's Day - how will you spend your Valentine's Day with your sweetheart? How about a premium Rib-eye, NY Strip, or Sirloin Steak from Nature's Gourmet Farm. Our next delivery is conveniently scheduled for the week before. Place your order today.

Customer Feedback
- "My first time buying from this farm and I'm so grateful for the hard work they do in order to bring me the best products on the market! I want food that is grass fed and finished and pasture raised without hormones, antibiotics, and man-made chemicals! I want meats, chickens, and pigs that are treated humanely and with the respect they deserve. Thank you to this family who really care about their products in every aspect. Their products taste like the food I ate when I was a kid. I will buy from Nature's Gourmet Farm again and again!" ~DynaSpired

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – In The Magic Pill, Salatin tells us “a sick environment causes sick crops, which causes sick animals, which causes sick humans who eat them.”

Thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.
Ben & Beth


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