*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef Aug 24th. Pork- August 4th. Chicken Aug 12, 19, and 26

Around The Farm Updates

May 11, 2019

Product Update – 

1) Chicken - The second batch will be harvested May 24th. Due to rough handling during shipment we will not have any pieces available from this batch. There may be a few whole chickens available for July & August. Otherwise, our chicken are sold out. 

2) Beef - Individual cuts - we are back in stock on all beef items and will be adding more late May Custom Half Beef - I have added more for processing the week of May 13th. 

If you are interested in a half beef please follow this link to learn more and place your deposit to reserve your order https://naturesgourmetfarm.com...

3) Pork - We are back in stock on pork (except chops) as I picked up the past group from the processor April 23rd. If you are looking for a half or whole pig we will process again in July

4) Eggs - Egg production is running on ALL cylinders! Lay rate is 95-98% which is outstanding. We have added all size options to our website and can easily fill your orders. 

Stew Hens are back in stock. As we processed them we noticed all the rich "yellow" fat". A TRUE Pastured Raised and NOT grain fed animal's fat will be yellow. This is a sure sign that you are buying a true forage or pasture raised animal vs. grain fed.

FARM UPDATE:Hey, Ben here. Today I want to share updates about our chickens. Many customers when they visit our farm are surprised to learn that our chicks are shipped to us by the USPO. They typically are shipped the same day they hatch (usually on Tuesday) and arrive on Thursday's. We receive a phone call about 6:30 AM from the Petal Post Office that our chicks have arrived and please come get them. 

The top left picture is one of two crates of baby chicks. The first thing we do when unpacking is make sure they take a drink of water. We also hold food back until they have been here about 3-hours - again, to make sure they drink. The picture to the right is from our third batch taken in our new brooder trailer that I built in April. This is our first batch in the new brooder so we are still working out some of the bugs and getting use to the different arrangements.

One of the blessings of selling from our farm is the opportunity to meet some really great folks. There is a young couple named Lane & Amanda, who approached us to learn how we raise our chickens, pigs, and hens as well as market our products. They are like sponges - they soak up information so easy! They have studied a lot of good YouTube videos on regenerative farming and started implementing practices to improve their operation. They also buy NON-GMO feed from our farm. Today, they are processing their first batch of broilers. What a blessing to be able to help another family get started.

More and more farms are learning about the benefits of NON-GMO feed. This week we had two new farms buy feed. One came from Bogalusa and one from Foley. Two local farms that are making it happen in their communities.

At Nature's Gourmet Farm, we thank you for supporting (integrity) regenerative food sources to create a food system that is better for the animals welfare, better for regenerating the land and better for a healthy community. That is the only way to make a positive impact.
Customer Feedback- "I have been ordering from Nature’s Gourmet Farm for about a year and I am very pleased. Their products are delicious & nutritious and the service is professional & friendly. I recommend them highly!"  J Anderson 

Quote Worth Re-Quoting –  “Farming cannot take place except in nature; therefore, if nature does not thrive, farming cannot thrive. But we know too that nature includes us. It is not a place into which we can reach from some safe standpoint outside it. We are in it and we are part of it while we use it. if it does not thrive, we cannot thrive. The appropriate measure of farming then is the world's health and our health, and this is inescapably one measure.” – Wendell Berry

Thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm. 

Ben & Beth

Ben Simmons

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