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Listening To Our Customers

October 12, 2019

Product Update –

1) Chicken- We will process our seventh batch of chickens October 10th. Individual pieces will be added to our store for orders on October 11th - just ahead of October 16th delivery date.

2) Beef - Individual cuts - are fully stocked

Custom Half Beef - if you are interested in getting a half beef it is not to late. Simply follow this link
to place your deposit. Next Processing Date is October 21st.

3) Pork- Individual cuts - Mr. Archie tells me that my pork will be ready for pickup on Monday, Oct 14 so I have added inventory to take your orders this weekend. If you are looking for a half or whole pig - our Last Processing Date for 2019 will be October 28th

NOTE: Effective October 17th pork item pricing will change. Processing cost have increased and some margins need to be re-balanced meaning prices for some items will be less while most will be higher. This weekend is your opportunity to buy before prices increase!

4) Eggs- Our new hens have been here 8-weeks now and are starting to lay. Very soon we will have plenty of eggs for your family's needs.

Hello from Ben. This week Beth started making calls to a cross section of out customers. We wanted to hear first hand what motivates them to buy from our farm as well as areas that we can do better to serve their needs.

By far the #1 motivation that Mom's are concerned about "Is all this stuff found in industrial food, where did it come from, and what are the risk to my families health?"

Guess what? You are not alone. In fact, a recent study by The Center For Food Integrity found that consumers are asking more questions than ever before about their food. The conversation today is less about "What's for dinner?" and more about "Should I be feeding this to my family?"

We hear you! We know this is important to you as it is to us and our family. That is why we pay attention to the details of ingredients in our animal feed (and only select a Non-GMO Project Verified farm supplier) and minerals as well as the forages we plant. Additionally, we offer all our livestock fresh well water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

Have you noticed how confusing labels are? We believe consumers should not have to guess what's in their food. And that you should be able to trust the folks responsible for supplying food for your family. Again, CFI research shows that food companies and government agencies are among the least trusted by Mom's to provide healthy and safe food.

At Nature's Gourmet Farm Beth & I value the trust you put in us to provide your family healthy and nutritious food. We encourage families to visit our farm and ask questions. Transparency helps build trust - that's why we regularly share videos and pictures of current farm activities.

It is our goal to help you sift through all the confusing and often conflicting information out there and ultimately make the right decision for your family.

And, if you would like to participate in our research please email me and I'll be glad to get in touch with you. Your input matters.

Beth & I thank you for supporting local (integrity) regenerative food sources to create a food system that nourishes healthy families, that is better for the animals welfare, that is better for regenerating the land and that builds healthy communities. That is the only way to make a positive impact with your food dollars.

Customer Feedback –

"That last beef we bought was great! Nice grind on the ground beef and good trim on the roast. Very happy". Chef Phil

Ben Simmons

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