*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef (all cuts) May 21. Pork- late June. Chicken June 3, 17, 24th.

What Customer's Are Saying

October 22, 2019

Hello from Ben. First, I want to thank each of you for supporting our farm with your food dollars. While this October did not set a new record like last year - sales have been good. And, folks really picked up a lot of the new sausage items. Your feedback on these items would be appreciated and help us make good decisions about the products we carry.

Last week I shared the #1 reason Mom's choose our "clean" farm products is their concern about "What is all this stuff found in industrial food, where did it come from, and what are the risk to my families health?"

This week we heard back from customers who expressed health concerns (issues) they are dealing with that relates back to the commercially raised food they have consumed in the past. Here is a quote Odette said I could share with you:

"I have been concerned about antibiotic resistant infections. This is what sent me on my search of 2 years to find a farm like yours.

I believe I have been buying your chicken for 2 years now. Other than that it has always been commercial.

I am paying the price for eating commercial chicken. Apparently the consumption of commercial chicken with resistance has also caused resistance in me.

I have been fighting a type of staphylococcus for one year now using natural therapies. At times it feels like it's gone, then it comes back with a vengeance, so I keep chipping away at it. My only other option is going under the care of a infectious disease specialist. There are four types of strong antibiotics delivered by IV in the hospital that may work. The protocol has high risks and usually needs to be repeated multiple times with 1-3 days in the hospital each time. I do not want to go that route.

This is where I am because of the consumption of commercial chicken. People need to know what is happening. Of coarse it's not just chicken, but the gmos, beef, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, our water, and more.

Just thought I would share because maybe the examples of the injured will warn others coming up.

I'm thankful for finding your farm!"

If you would like to participate in our research please email me and I'll be glad to get in touch with you. Your input matters.

Beth & I thank you for supporting local (integrity) regenerative food sources to create a food system that nourishes healthy families, that is better for the animals welfare, that is better for regenerating the land and that builds healthy communities. That is the only way to make a positive impact with your food dollars.

Customer Feedback –

"That last beef we bought was great! Nice grind on the ground beef and good trim on the roast. Very happy". Chef Phil  

Ben Simmons

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