*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef (all cuts) May 21. Pork- late June. Chicken June 3, 17, 24th.

Good Friends & Neighbors

October 26, 2019

Nature's Gourmet Farm customers can put a face & relationship with the folks who grow their food and trust our products to be:
> True Pastured Raised
> 100% Non-GMO
> Free of chemicals & drugs
> Ethically Raised

Product Update –

1) Chicken- We will process our next batch of chickens November 8th. Individual pieces will be added to our store for orders on November 8th - just ahead of November 13th delivery date.

2)Beef - Individual cuts - are fully stocked

Custom Half Beef - if you are interested in getting a half beef it is not to late. Simply follow this link https://naturesgourmetfarm.com/custom-bulk-orders
to place your deposit. Next Processing Date will be late November

3) Pork- Individual cuts - Mr. Archie tells me that my pork will be ready for pickup on Monday, Oct 14 so I have added inventory to take your orders this weekend. If you are looking for a half or whole pig - our Last Processing Date for 2019 will be October 28th

4) Eggs- Our new hens have been here 10-weeks now and are slowly starting to lay. Very soon we hope to have plenty of eggs for your family's needs.

Hello from Ben. Friday, October 18th started out like every day - taking care of the chickens. However, the rest of this day was going to be different.

About 6-weeks ago I was contacted by Laurie in Olive Branch, MS about her and husband Daylon coming for a visit to see first hand what a regenerative farm looks like. She explained they had researched and chose our farm - we are grateful for their confidence. I was able to spend all day with them showing & discussing each of our four enterprises (beef, pork, chicken, and eggs). They were very eager learners and soaked it all up like a sponge.

I got them involved with chores as well. Nothing real "heavy" until that afternoon when we had folks coming to help catch our pigs to wean and castrate the males - about 60 of them.

Show time was 3 PM! Our team included Grant from Bogalusa, LA; a fellow pig farmer and friend that has been buying feed since we set up the bins to distribute NON-GMO feed from Resaca Sun. Grant and I are the only ones who had ever cut male pigs before.

The rest of the team included Ashley & Alex (siblings), Alex's wife Rachel, and our son Eric. Laurie & Daylon were already mentioned above.

I had built a second catch pin for the piglets off from the main catch area with the idea to separate the piglets from the adults before we handled them. In the past, other adults would tear into you for messing with their little ones.

Everything worked fine! We caught our first group and handed Grant the first male to castrate while we caught the females to transport to their new woodland paddock. Next thing I know Alex was learning how to "cut" from Grant and soon he was helping. Not to be out done by her brother - Ashley and then Rachel joined in. Eric & I kept them in piglets while Daylon & Laurie helped move them to the woodland paddock.

Everyone jumped in and worked together to make this task go really smooth and fast. It reminded me how in the olden days families would come together and help "raise a barn" or whatever the need was. We are so blessed to have good friends and neighbors and appreciate them a lot.

BTW, Ashley & Alex are part of our team that process the chickens in our USDA plant. They are "top shelf" folks.

After this task was complete, Eric took Daylon & Laurie to feed hens & gather eggs and then grade and package them.

By dark '30 it was time to say goodbye to Daylon & Laurie and wish them well as they seek God's purpose if farming is in their future.


All safe and well in their new home. After they are familiar with where the food and water is then we will open the area up to give them more space.

Beth & I thank you for supporting local (integrity) regenerative food sources to create a food system that nourishes healthy families, that is better for the animals welfare, that is better for regenerating the land and that builds healthy communities. That is the only way to make a positive impact with your food dollars.

Lastly, please check out our new Homepage look & feel as we seek to better clarify our customer message and farm value offerings. As always, your comments are appreciated.

Customer Feedback –

"We've tried Nature's Gourmet Farm's beef, eggs, pork, and sausages, they are all very tasty. The meats are tender and easy to cook. It's good to eat food that's directly from a farm. You can't get anything fresher. Thank you very much, Ben and Beth! " ~Ann T.

Ben Simmons

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