*RESTOCK UPDATE* Beef Sept 26th. Pork- Sept 24 or 25th. Chicken Sept 23rd.

Video "How We Move Our Hens on Pasture" & Egg Sale

March 2, 2019

Product Update –

1) Chicken - The FIRST batch arrived February 28th and will be available FRESH on the following dates
April 26th
May 25
June 22
July 20
Aug 17
Sep 14
Oct 12
Nov 9
If you would like to reserve some for your family simply let me know how many by DATE. You will need to do this soon as demand will be high (We Sold 65% in the first day) and we are still limited by MS Department of AG Regulations on the amount we can grow per year. Also include if you want them fresh or frozen.

A BIG CHANGE for this year is we will no longer meet you at the extension office on Saturday mornings. To receive your chicken FRESH and not frozen you will need to schedule pick up at the FARM on processing day between 4-6 PM or Saturday morning between 8:30-10 AM. We are making this change because more than 50% of customers are picking up on the delivery route frozen. This will save time and handling and help keep cost down.

2) Beef - The 4- Custom Halves added to inventory last week sold out in about 3-hours. No worries - we will have more available monthly. Loin Tip & Rump Roast continue to be on sale for MARCH Delivery - we are out of stock on many items and are trying to ease the burden with sales on some in-stock items. Next beef processing date is March 11th

3) Pork - There is ONLY ONE Custom Pork half available. These will go for processing March 18th. There has been a lot of interest so I would suggest you order soon. Please limit your order to 1-half. We will have plenty of pork available starting in July.

4) Eggs - Egg production has picked up SIGNIFICANTLY and all of the new hens are now laying eggs. The last week to 10 days the lay rate has been 95-98% - that translates into a lot of eggs!

We have added X-large eggs to our website AND have them on sale for Buy TWO get ONE dozen FREE. Simply enter your order in multiples of 3-dozen and I will discount your total before I process your order.

Farm Update:
We hope you watch and enjoy our video on how we move our laying hens on pasture.

In this video we show you how we move our laying hens on pasture and describe why this KEY management strategy is so important to hen health as well as the quality of their eggs - Hint: Because movement mimics nature by breaking the parasite cycle. You also can see how they forage the diverse plants we seed for them. The hens work very hard each day scratching for bugs. Field mice are fair game as well. Beth really enjoys her hens and takes very good care of them.

We do this (rotation) for all our animals - beef, pork, and chickens. Not only does it break the parasite cycle for herd health, but it is a key regenerative soil health tool as well.

Customer Feedback- ""I got my first fresh chickens from your farm earlier this month and want to let you know how impressed I was. I’ve only cooked one, but I am sure the others will be just as good. What really impressed me was how clean the bird was, inside and out, and the fact that there were no hidden globs of extra fat. In addition, when we cut into the chicken, there was no evidence of internal bruises or bleeding (patches of blood infused meat). Best of all, the meat tasted clean. Thank you for a wonderful product." - Theresa R

Quote Worth Re-Quoting – "We have the world to live in on the condition that we will take good care of it. And to take good care of it, we have to know it. And to know it and to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it." - Wendell Berry

Thank you for supporting our regenerative, local farm.
Ben & Beth

Ben Simmons

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