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A "NEW Look At The Farm

July 20, 2021

Today, I want to take a few minutes to show you our NEW look to the front entrance to our plant.

We've been saving our dollars and had enough to add the front awning/porch. Fortunately we ordered the metal back in April before the prices went crazy high.

Our vision is to eventually have a look resembling an ole timey country store. The front of the building will one day be either painted or have a wood veneer added.

Now, we have a place out of the weather to park our delivery trailer that includes a nice concrete pad where we can easily roll the dolly full of orders out for loading (out of the weather - which we have had a lot of lately).

You will also notice on the left side of the building sits our backup generator. It is now hooked up and ready to go in case of power interruptions.


We will also save up and add more Vulcan rock for folks to park and not get their feet muddy when visiting.

One step at a time.

For customers that have been with us since we first started the broilers may remember our initial humble "make do" processing set up. Here's a picture-


And, it rained 3 inches the morning we processed our first batch. That was tough, but we keep going and improving a step at a time.

Now, we operate in a USDA Inspected Plant that is also air conditioned. We are truly blessed!!!

As always, we thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

Ben Simmons

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