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A Winter Farm Update in Pictures (And Big News)

January 18, 2020

Good morning from the farm.

Today I'm making the rounds in and around Jackson at our 4 pickup stops in the area, but FIRST I wanted to share some exciting news and give you a winter farm update.

First the news...

Next Friday morning at 8am CST, you're going to want to plan to check your email for a special opportunity.

Nature's Gourmet Farm will be unveiling a new product I'm really excited about, and we're going to be offering special introductory pricing Friday the 24th through Monday, Jan. 27th (or while supplies last).

I'm putting the finishing touches on some important details, but just know it will be great for long-term loyal customers of the farm, or someone who's considered trying our pasture-raised meats but just hasn't yet said "Yes."

Again...check your email for all the important, exciting details next Friday morning the 24th.

Now, I have a quick winter farm update for you!!


Many folks are surprised to learn that we receive our baby chicks through the United States Post Office.

The chicks are shipped the same day as hatched and arrive within 2-days where we bring them inside our brooder.

The temperature, wind, and moisture are controlled inside the brooder (which they need to be about 95 degrees the first week!).

Our chicks stay inside the brooder for up to three weeks depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Additionally, when they do go out on pasture we keep square bales of hay that can be spread out for them mostly to keep them dry. Chickens will tolerate the cold very well when they are not wet.


Pigs are so funny! And, they are the smartest animal on the farm with superior instincts.

A few winters ago, the nighttime temps dropped to the 9-degree mark soon after we had just received 8-week old piglets.

I put a bale of hay out for them, cut the strings and then they tunneled into the bale and did just fine.

These guys (above) are getting some Vitamin D from the sun during a mid-day January nap.


After about 50 days of feeding hay, our yearlings are finally able to enjoy the winter pastures we planted.

This year we planted 200 acres of diverse species to include Oats, Ryegrass, Triticale, Hairy Vetch, 2-Clovers, and 4-brassicas.

Our mixture is designed to not only feed the livestock, but also the soil biology that helps improve our pastures.

What does this mean to you? Let me refer to a conversation with Dr. Kirby at Vitamins Plus last Thursday.

Dr. Kirby told Beth that she has tried other farm's beef, but ours is so much better. She said she liked to have made herself sick from eating too much.


We also plant winter pasture for our hens! As I mentioned last week, our hens live on pasture with access to shelter!

They are hard workers and excellent foragers.

They are up at first light and soon head out to find breakfast which can include bugs, seeds, grasses & clovers...and I have seen them catch and eat a field mouse.

All of these things are part of a natural diet of healthy & happy hens expressing their instinctive behavior.

The shelter in the background is moved every two days and provides the hens a place to roost, nest, water/feed, protection from storms, and shade on bright sunny days.

We have a barrel inside the shelter that acts as a backup to our regular water system during freezes.

At Nature's Gourmet Farm we believe the Gold Standard for the quality of our beef, pork, chicken and eggs is based on 24/7 access to diverse forage pastures and respecting the instincts of our different animals.

While the seasons change and some of our chores may be different in January compared to July, one thing that does not change is our commitment to growing healthy grasses and raising quality food.

That's all for this week...I'll be in touch Friday morning as I mentioned above.

Ben Simmons
Owner, Nature's Gourmet Farm

Vaughn H. recently left this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Review:

"I am very happy with the items I have tried so far. The beef is fantastic as well as the pork. I am going to order more in the New Year. I have not tried the poultry products but if they are anything like the the beef and pork and I am sure to be satisfied. Thanks for what y’all do.​"

Ben Simmons

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