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An Update On Our Red Meat Plant

May 2, 2021

April 12th I took 10 pigs to Homestead for slaughter and then brought them back to our plant for further processing. Eric & i had to man-handle the carcass halves from my freezer trailer into the carcass cooler because all of the rail hangers had not arrived. We cut & packaged two pigs on Tuesday afternoon, three Wednesday and five on Thursday. Saturday, Beth and Amy started the sausage making while I made the Jackson Metro deliveries. This lasted ONE hour before the mixer grinder quit!

The first week we were able to put all the fresh cuts into the freezer. Bacons and hams were in the brine (a one week process) as well as hams.

Friday, April 16th the rail hangers arrived. Our contractor installed them first thing Monday morning while I took the next 10 pigs to Homestead for slaughter. Again, I used my freezer trailer to bring them back to our carcass cooler. This time we were able to use a winch to lift them onto the rail vs. man-handling them. It's a good thing as several halves were 180+ pounds each. Here is a picture from one of the pigs as Beth packages the pork chops. YUMMY!


This week it took us two days to cut and package (fresh items) for the ten pigs. Wednesday evening Beth & I smoked the bacon from the first week-did a cool down bath-individually wrapped each slab and put them in the freezer. Then, Thursday morning we cut and packaged the bacon from the first ten pigs.


Friday, the technician arrived to fix the mixer/grinder so we can finish the sausage. His job was complete by 3PM. So, we started to work on fresh ground pork and also made some pattie sausage. Our objective is to finish the sausage Saturday (today as you read this).


All that will be left is smoking the bacon from the second set of pigs. That should be completed by mid week.

IF all goes well, then the folks who took advantage of our Pork Harvest Sale Event the end of March will start receiving their orders by May 1st!!!

Any pork we have after completing the 1/4 and 1/2 Pork Share Bundles will be added to our website for sale.

I have to really compliment our team of folks helping us. They have really stepped up and have done a really fantastic job.

I also want to thank Ethan at Homestead for his willingness to help us get started (since the slaughter trailer has been delayed). He was the first important link in the chain and has been exceptional to work with. He share his vision to help consumers have access to fresh local meat for their families.

So, what's next? Hopefully, the slaughter trailer will arrive in a week to 10 days. We still need to harvest more pigs to fill up our inventory (most of the first 20 were presold). And, then we should be starting on harvesting our beef.

Lastly, I want to thank you, our customers, for your support and encouragement over the years. We would not be where we are today if not for you.

Ben Simmons

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