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An Update On The "On-Farm" Slaughter Trailer

May 24, 2021

As you know, earlier this year we built a carcass aging cooler and fabrication room to process our beef and pork on-farm.

What made this possible was when Blue Sky Farms in Jackson decided to purchase a "Mobile Slaughter Trailer".

After many delays the company finally delivered the trailer Friday, May 14th.

Following our deliveries to the Jackson Metro area last Saturday, Beth and I stopped by to take a look.


Here is a side view. The animal will enter from the rear, be cooled in the front until unloaded through the open door.


Here, Beth is viewing the rear compartment.


The front compartment will start the cool down until the carcasses are unloaded into my carcass cooler where they will finish the aging process.

Folks, this is a VERY BIG GAME CHANGER FOR MISSISSIPPI! And, I might add a "Pioneering Effort". Frankly, I believe if farms want to be in the direct to consumer marketing of their locally raised meat they will need the capability to process their own animals.

We are very grateful to Hugh for his vision and willingness to step out there and make this capability available.

So, the next step is - USDA Inspection! Well, that happened last Wednesday. As typical, they found stuff (mainly documentation) that needs attention before they will signoff. That is being worked and will hopefully be rescheduled for later next week.

Want be long now!

As always, we thank you for rewarding our hard work with your trust and support.

Ben Simmons

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